Valkyr Industries Loses POS


     Valkyr Industries lost a small Caldari POS today in Huola to an Amarrian fleet led by one of the militia’s top commanders, Predator Elite.

     “It is a threat I will not tolerate.” Predator said after the destruction of the POS.

     When asked why Valkyr Industries choose Huola to base a POS knowing it is the staging base for the Amarr militia, SigmaPi of [VKYR] responded with: “Well, the initial idea behind the two small pos’s was to force a fight over them. The real issue was that we didn’t think the fight would come quite so quickly. I knew that the pos’s were most likely dead before I even put them up, I was just hoping for a strong but fun fight, which we got one this morning.”

     SigmaPi admits the POS “wasn’t timed well, and came out in Amarr prime. Pred dropped his rev on the pos and I think there was a Nag and Phoenix as well – long story short, the Minmatar basically left the POS to die while we engaged the Amarr support fleet on the Kourm gate in Huola. In the end, I think the fight was fun and the overall ending was mostly a wash, with both sides losing a few ships, and the POS being destroyed. The Amarr support fleet lost mostly T2 tacklers and higher value ships, while the Minmatar lost nanobs’s and the pos. The Killboard BR is a bit off, but accurate enough to go by.”

     The killmail and battle report can be found here and here. 

One Response to “Valkyr Industries Loses POS”

  1. Putting up a pos to get a fight is a nice spin. Not a convenient place to sit and avoid fights or keep your neutral gang boosting alts safe?

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