Interview: Invelious

Invelious, creator and co-CEO of DIA and founder of the Alliance, Covenant of Prophecy (CoP).

Sov Wars: How long have you been in Amarr FW?

Invelious: I missed the first three weeks, but effectively since the beginning, so almost three years.

Sov Wars: What do you wish CCP would change about FW?

Invelious: OMG. Lol. I don’t even know where to begin with that question. Plexing, and how the standing hits work. Repping your own fleet and militia members, and taking a standings hit because they are GCC needs some serious changing.

Sov Wars: Do you feel that the addition of the FW missions was a step forward or a step backwards in terms of improving FW?

Invelious: Backwards. They are basically plexs with real rewards, without actually doing anything in terms of taking systems

Sov Wars: Do you think the missions just attracted a lot of “false recruits” who are only in the militia for the missions? How does that affect the war?

Invelious: Naturally, once the secret to running them was exposed, carebears started joining en mass. the rewards are huge and the effort is minimal.

Sov Wars: Are there any parts of the Incursion patch that you think will have a noticeable effect on FW?

Invelious: Not at all. FW wont be affected in my opinion.

Sov Wars: Do you think a scenario similar to what happened with the Caldari/Gallente FW will happen here, with one side capturing a large majority if not all of the enemy systems?

Invelious: Not for a long, long, long time, but it will be Amarr.

Sov Wars: So what inspired you to create DIA?

Invelious: My first FW corp was with Vigilia Valeria Expeditionary Forces, you would know them as 1pg now. I learned a lot from them, but I found them to be to restricting. In a war of this nature more versatility is required for success, so I formed DIA to be that corp that hard line Amarrians like 1PG or PIE could not be.

Sov Wars: What can DIA accomplish that those corps cannot?

Invelious: The ability to use ships other than just Amarrian hulls, and to bring in pilots that are not just of Amarrian blood line, not only allows for a more dynamic fleet composition, but a greater member base.

Sov Wars: Recently DIA left Amarr Militia to join the CoP alliance, though now you’re back in militia. Was that the plan all along?

Invelious: Ultimately, but I will admit the timing was sooner than anticipated. CoPs objectives have been put on hold. But, it is still alive and functioning, DIA is still part of CoP and always will be, and COP was created to assist the militia. Be it externally or internally.

Sov Wars: CoP has been called ‘Amarr’s Star Fraction’ by some. Do you agree with that statement?

Invelious: No, not at all. CoP was composed of militia pilots, leaving the militia and still fighting the same targets we had fought for so long is basically doing the same thing we were doing before, except giving the targets the advantage of us taken gate gun aggression. DIA had some things planned outside of the militia, and required us to leave temporarily. The “SF” label was mainly imposed by the Minmatar pilots, and just a slander agaisnt us. Nothing more.

Sov Wars: If CCP would allow non-sov holding alliances to join FW, would you consider moving CoP into Faction Warfare?

Invelious: Oh my god yes, it’s only natural.

Sov Wars: What makes CoP different from Star Fraction/Electus Matari?

Invelious: Well, I wouldn’t ever, ever put SF in the same category as EM. CoP is Amarr aligned and motivated to support Amarr at all costs, much like EM to the minmatar. But we have a lot of steps to take before we can even be compared to be of equal caliber to EM.

Sov Wars: What is CoP’s stance on pirate corps and alliances operating in the war zone? Specifically Heretics, SCUM and Dragoon Federation.

Invelious: They need to be eliminated.

Sov Wars: Amarr and Minmatar have occasionally teamed up to fight third parties, any comments on this type of cooperation?

Invelious: I prefer to avoid those situations at all costs. I don’t agree with it. But if I’m in a militia fleet, and im not the FC, and they call for if. im not going to leave any of my guys behind.

Sov Wars: What are the some of the specific advantages gained by having an external alliance supporting Amarr militia that could not be accomplished with a single corp within militia?

Invelious: Being able to move through enemy territory is one. Logistics becomes a bit easier as the enemy may not want to GCC to kill you is another. Those are the two main reasons really. But in CoP’s case there were a variety more that will remain confidential.

Sov Wars: What can you tell us of DIA & CoP’s plans for the future?

Invelious: Well CoP, that will remain confidential. As for DIA, so long as Amarr has borders, we will be here defending them.

Sov Wars: Thank you for your time.

Invelious: My pleasure.

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