CAIN Interview

Interview conducted by Major JSilva
[Upper section is in-character, the bottom is out-of-character.]

Hamish Grayson (Diplomat and Public Relations) and Van Cleef (CEO and Admiral) of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve [CAIN]. CAIN is a Caldari militia pvp/rp corporation. For more information, check them out on Evelopedia here.

Sov Wars: So for those who don’t know, who are you and what do you do in New Eden?

Hamish Grayson: We are the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve. We have a very long history of serving the Caldari State. Currently we are enlisted in the State Protectorate, fighting in the proxy war between the Caldari State and the Gallente Federation.

Sov Wars: How long has CAIN been apart of the State Militia?

Hamish Grayson: Currently we are on the seventeenth day of our second tour in StaPro. Our first tour was during the onset of the war, but after we secured all of Placid and Black Rise from the Federation, the command staff decided CAIN could better serve in other ways.

Sov Wars: What seperates you from other Caldari Militia Corps?

Hamish Grayson: I suppose one thing that makes us stand apart is that we do not support Heth’s government.

Sov Wars: Why does CAIN not support Heth seeing as he the leader of the State. Doesn’t CAIN techically work for him in an indirect sense?

Hamish Grayson: The Cheif Executive Panel leads the Caldari State not, Heth.

Van Cleef: The State is not Heth, and Heth is not the State. We support the idea behind the State, not an icon.

Sov Wars: Do you wish to see Heth removed and the return of the CEP ?

Van Cleef: I wish to see the ideals of what the State was founded for to be realized. I currently do not see Heth supporting those ideals.

Sov Wars: CAIN is on it’s second tour with the State Pro, what are your goals on this second tour of duty?

Hamish Grayson: We have been outside the borders of the State for some time. Right now our intentions are to watch, learn, and sharpen our swords.

Sov Wars: CAIN was recently part of Ethereal Dawn, can you explain what you were doing with them?

Hamish Grayson: Working in the depths of null-sec exposed us to tactics and resources that we wouldn’t have had access to other wise. Additionally, we had developed a working relationship with the Solar-Nexus corporation with whom we’d been former alliance mates.

Sov Wars: With CAIN being back in State Pro, will your pilots be working with Amarrian Allies any (IE KotMC or Draketrain) or will you be trying to avoid the Matari/Amarr conflict zone?

Hamish Grayson: The minmatar are a very clever opponent, and they keep us from getting soft. However, when the time is right we will be moving operations to Black Rise and Placid. We also have a relationship with PIE Inc that spans several years, and it behooved us to re-enter the fray with a strong ally at our side.

Sov Wars: PIE has been a staunchly Amarrian loyalist corporation for many years. Has their push for the Caldari to convert to the Amarrian faith ever tested the relationship with PIE and CAIN?

Hamish Grayson: There has not been any overt attempts at converting us to their faith. They do enjoy their sermons in local however.


Sov Wars: Many people claim that FW is broken and CCP has vastly ignored it. What improvements would you like to see made?

Van Cleef: More impact of player actions on the FWscale. Have FW space more like 0.0 space with system improvements, etc.

Hamish Grayson: I’d like them to remove t1 frigate restrictions on small plexes. It’s silly that I can bring in a Dramiel, but not a wolf. Further, I’d like to more IC news and narrative changes.

Sov Wars: What about plexing? There isn’t much reward for players to go out and plex currently. Would you like to see an actual award given out for doing these?

Hamish Grayson: I think missions offer plenty of rewards – controlling a system should provide some sort of tactical advantage. We mostly just use plexes for ambushes anyway. Since having the Caldari name on the system doesn’t make it easier for us to fight there, we don’t bother trying to take them.

Sov Wars: Another common complaint is that FW missions give out too much LP for little effort. Do you think they need to be nerfed?

Van Cleef: Compared to 0.0 rewards, FW aren’t overpowering.

Sov Wars: Do you think alliances like Pandemic Legion or Dark Rising are becoming a problem in the FW areas?

Hamish Grayson: Not at all. They are great for our KB efficiency.

Sov Wars: It is rumored that the Amarrian’s have an Aeon and an Nyx, and that the Minmatar have at least two Nyx, possibly more. Do you think supercaps are a problem at all or just fair game? Should they be allowed in FW zones or left in null sec?

Hamish Grayson: That’s a complicated issue that affects more than just FW. Something needs to be done about SC proliferation, but the solution is beyond me.

Van Cleef : Null sec. I don’t see an Empire allowing a supercarrier in their space.

Sov Wars: Thanks for the interview guys.


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