Interview: Mina Wolf

Interview conducted by Major JSilva and Sneaky Noob.

Sov Wars: Super carriers are considered to be the WMD’s in Eve. Do you think this is true?

Mina Wolf: Definetly not, maybe 10 SC’s being drop at once can be considered a WMD but a lone SC is still rather vulnerable without a sufficient support fleet.

Sov Wars: As super caps can change the tide of a battle in a heartbeat do you think this gives the Matari Militia an advantage over the Amarrian?

Mina Wolf: In the U.S. TZ, yes, because our overall cap power is greater than that of the Amarr militia; however, in the E.U. TZ the Amarrian militia has the ability to call the Nihilist SC fleet which greatly overpowers anything the E.U. Minmatar militia can muster.

Sov Wars: Out of all the super carriers you fly a Nyx. Do you think the Nyx is better then others of it’s class or depends on the situation?

Mina Wolf: It’s situational. The Nyx is best when not getting shot at, but if you are getting shot then the Aeon is the best.

Sov Wars: Do you think bringing a super capital to FW is unfair or is all fair in love and war?

Mina Wolf: All is fair in my opinion.

Sov Wars: Why did you choose to Matari Militia over the other factions?

Mina Wolf: I had a real life friend that was here in Minmatar Militia and I’ve been given no reason to leave yet.

Sov Wars: What it like being in IFW? Is there any other Militia corp you’d consider joining?

Mina Wolf: The IFW is an interesting place to be. Khrias said it best when he said “IFW isn’t really a corp, it’s just a thinktank for assholes.” To be in IFW you need to be self sufficient, situationally aware, and most important of all you need thick skin. Honestly if our militia thinks we troll them harshly they should see our corp chat.

As for other corps I wouldnt mind joining. I’d say that the old guard U.S. tz corps like FUGS, Huang would be high on the list with Valklear Guard, B.S.P, and Autoz rounding out the top five.

Sov Wars: Do you think you’ll end up going to null-sec at some point or will you be staying in FW?

Mina Wolf: I’ll be staying in FW as long as the Latenight group stays together.

Sov Wars: People say that FW is neglected by CCP and has many problems. What’s your take on plexing? FW missions? PvP in FW?

Mina Wolf: FW is definetly neglected by CCP. I’m not much of a missioner so I don’t really have anything to say about it. As for plexing there needs to be some type of a reward for it. If it was more meaningful I think you would see a lot more plexing and systems changing hands. Some might say that the PvP in FW is all about blob warfare. My personal opinion is that the PvP is fine and that anybody who complains about blobs is just mad that they didnt have one of their own.

Sov Wars: If you could add or change something in FW what would you suggest to CCP?

Mina Wolf: Make militia stations exclude those from the “enemy” militias.

Sov Wars: How do you feel about Dark Rising or PL being in FW areas are they a problem or just more targets to shoot?

Mina Wolf: They’re just annoying. You know that if they’re around they have backup so unless there can be a truce to fight them then its just best to let them do what they want and ignore them.

Sov Wars: Do you think supercaps in lowsec are overpowered, due to the inability to set up warp bubbles? Do you feel that allowing caps and supers to fit a super-point (a la HICs) would balance out this issue?

Mina Wolf: Yes SC’s are a little overpowered since it only really has to fear one type of ship in the scripted HIC. I would actually welcome a super point that is able to be used by a sieged dread, but supers definetly don’t need the ability to fit superpoints, that would just make the SC more imbalanced.

Sov Wars: Any plans on getting some of the new CONCORD LP named mods? Do you think CCP should hurry up and release meta 3,4, and t2 mods?

Mina Wolf: I will most likely invest in the new CONCORD LP items. As for t2 items I think I would like to see some bug fixes or maybe some FW love before they introoduce t2 cap mods.

Sov Wars: How did it feel when you first jumped the Nyx into combat?

Mina Wolf: It was the most nervous I’ve been going into a battle in a long time. Short version is that a large Minmatar BS fleet with carrier support engaged a large Amarr BS fleet with carrier and dread support. The fight took place in the Amarr home system of Huola where I was worried about the ability of the Amarr to quickly reship into HIC’s. Add on top of that the fact that the Amarr fleet had escalated the battle with their own SC. I’m not lieing when I say I was worried that my first fight with the Nyx would be my last. However we were able to win the fight and hold the field, and once I was safely tucked away I gave myself sometime to have a drink and smoke some cigs. It was definetly one of the most nerve racking and fun fights I’ve had in all my years of playing EvE.

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