The Fall of Arzad

The system of Arzad in Devoid region fell under Minmatar occupancy after several heated battles for control of the star system earlier tonight. Due to the importance of Arzad as the home of the Minmatar Rebellion, several Matari FW corporations have focused their efforts on re-claiming this system.

Today, these efforts paid off when the system went vulnerable and the Minmatar militia laid siege to the control bunker. The Amarr Militia swiftly responded the threat and rallied a small fleet to battle against the Minmatar at the bunker. During the initial engagement, the Minmatar suffered over a billion ISK loss, with ILoveMining’s Aeon barely escaping.

As the Amarrian Fleet disbaned and returned to their respective home systems, reports surfaced of a new attempt to take the bunker by a stronger, newly reshipped Minmatar force, including multiple dreadnaughts. Amarrian Fleet Commander Predator Elite scrambled to reform fleet and within moments took a battleship fleet into the system with two carriers on standby.

While engaging the sieged dreadnaughts and their support fleet, the Amarrians were hotdropped by the super capital duo of Mina Wolf and Bald Beaver.

This final engagement brought about the defeat of the Amarrian fleet and the destruction of the control bunker. Notable losses consisted of Esna Pitojee’s Archon, King Rothgar’s Archon, and Predator Elite’s self-destructed Bhaalgorn.

Amarr KB
Mimatar KB

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