Interview: Gottii


Sov Wars: Explain what Electus Matari stands for and what prompted you to join them.

Gottii: Well, it’s hard to speak for all of EM. WIth it’s numbers, almost 300 pilots, all roleplayers, it’s as much a community as an alliance. I would say that EM’s one universal truth is that it represents immersionist RP, an attempt to combine playing the game with playing the character as much as possible.

While our pilots all have various interests, from pvp to industry to exploration to trade, every player is a roleplayer on some level. I’m sure EM stands for quite a bit of other things as well. Maturity and trying to be civil, IC and OOC. No smacking or mindless chestbeating. Professionalism. EM has some of the best pilots I’ve seen in whatever they do.

For my first year in EVE, I wasnt sure what I was going to do. I ran some missions, and build up my SPs, and played when I could. I was in law school at the time, so I didnt have much time for anything more. I finally joined EM when I decided I wanted to focus on roleplay. I tinkered with the idea of going to 0.0, but the reality of alarm clock ops and the constant grind of massive powerbloc gaming was a bit more than my schedule could take.

I happened to be playing a Brutor, which I started with mostly because of the PER/WIL bonuses and the sunglasses more than any decision I was going to RP a Minmatar. But, when I finally decided to, EM seemed the natural choice. It had a lot going for it, a good reputation, a large group of competent and mature pilots, and basically seemed to be the ideal place to roleplay a minmatar character. So I left the TFL and joined EM, and its been great ever since.

Sov Wars: What have you learned from EM?

Gottii:  Well, it taught me the game really. I had some pvp experiences from the TLF, but never much time to devote to it. EM’s fleets were a great place to learn low-sec pvp.

It also taught me a lot about roleplay, and more than anything helped define my character. One of the great things about immersionist RP is that you’re constantly asked to refine your character. It’s not all about the latest big drama or drinking in a bar….some of it is simple “everyday” conversation, that just happens to be in character.

So I would say it taught me how to better play and refine a character. That and how to fly Vagabonds.

Sov Wars: Does EM actively support Matari Fleets in any way?

Gottii: EM tries to support the TLF as much as it can, though its hampered by the rules not allowing alliances in FW obviously. EM provides a prize fund for the most active militia pilots and corps, who collect the most victory points.

We also fly with TLF fleets off and on, and engage the targets we can, or help them against outlaw pirates.

Roughly 18 months ago, a number of EM corps broke off and joined the TLF temporarily, which a lot of pilots enjoyed.

Basically, EM tries to help the TLF as much as current game rules allow, though many EM pilots would be very happy if CCP would allow non-sov holding alliances to join FW.

As for Amarrian militia pilots, EM has every pilot in the 24th set Red. So we’ll engage any Amarrian militia pilot if given the choice.

In fact, any pilot engaging Minmatar NPCs in a plex has, in effect, has shown to be hostile to the Republic ICly, and we’re clear to fire on those pilots as well.

Sov Wars: Have you been involved in FW? If so, describe your experience.

Gottii: Well, I’m an old TLF vet, actually. I joined up as soon as it was formed. And those were wild days. It was a bit chaotic, but everyone was excited, and there was quite a buzz about it at the beginning. I pretty much hoped in a rifter and went out into lowsec, not really knowing what I was doing but eager to shoot something.

I PVPed off and on in the TLF, as much as real life allowed. I remember getting schooled by a PIE pilot actually, which really left an impression on me. I tried hard to work on PVP from that point on.

Eventually, it got a little one sided. The TLF had taken a large number of systems from the 24th, and it got a bit dull. At that point I wanted to try RP in eve, and joined up with EM.

Since then, as I mentioned above, some EM corps joined the TLF for a short time, and we still run joint-ops with a lot of blues in the TLF as much as we can.

Sov Wars: In your opinion, who are the stand out Amarr/Minmatar FW corps?

Gottii:  lol ah man, putting me on the spot. Honestly, I’m not involved enough in the day-to-day of FW to know every corp and every pilot. But, there are the obvious ones. PIE and KOTMC and Core Impulse on the Amarrian side.

ROSS and IFW and Murientor Tribe are some of the TLF corps that I’ve always been impressed with. But I’m sure I’m missing others.

Sov Wars: What is your personal opinion about pirates (SCUM, Tics).

Gottii: Well, while my character is a sworn anti-pirate, I think a lot of pirates are great pilots and fun people to play the game with. I mean, we need good pirates to make our game fun. After hunting pirates for so long, I’ve learned to know a lot of them, and im OOC friends with quite a few, even if we happily shoot at each other in space.

That said, there are more than a few “pirates” who are more griefers than anything else. Using make-believe internet spaceship piracy as a reason to be real life internet bullies. Not really big fans of them.

Sov Wars: Do you think plexing and system capturing in FW is worthwhile?

Gottii: Meh, not really. I mean, EVE is all about finding ways to set your own goalposts and create your own measures of success. Its part of the “sandbox” I guess.

But, an idea Elsebeth had really made a lot of since to me, I wish there was no way to “opt out” of system occupancy in FW.

It would be great if system occupancy had some direct, tangible effect on all the pilots in that system or constellation, like the new Incusions.

But, if youre in FW, then its a goal as worth as any other. It gives you a reason and a mission, and thats really valuable in EVE. I’ve circled my fair share of buttons I guess.

I guess my final answer would be…”it’s worthwhile if youre in FW and devoted to the conflict, but I think there are a lot of doable ways that it could be a lot more worthwhile.”

Sov Wars: What would you like to see change in FW if CCP decided to rebuff it?

Gottii: Well, like I said above, would be nice if system occupancy meant more than a changed name in the upper left of your screen.

Also, I would love to see alliances allowed in, as long as it had some kind of screening function to keep the huge powerblocs from simply farming FW for LPs. Maybe require a certain alliance-wide standing or something.

The missions could use a bit of revamping as well. By far my biggest complaint is the way plexes are seeded. To really have any hope of being useful in capturing a system, you have to be there right after downtime.

Sov Wars: EM has been at war with PIE for years, do you think that will ever end?

Gottii: God I hope not, lol. I can remember almost all of my PIE kills. Honestly, as a player and particularly as a roleplayer, I have nothing but respect and even a bit of envy for PIE. I love what they were able to come up with, their culture, their identity.

I recently formed a new corp with some other pilots, and we looked to some of what made PIE really distinct when trying to come up with our own ideas.

So, I really hope the war keeps on going. In EVE, youre often defined by your opponents. And theyre great opponents to have.

Sov Wars: Does EM wish just to help defend Matari territories or do they also want to take Amarrian systems ?

Gottii: As for the first one, EM’s stated goal is to defend the Republic and its citizens. What the means exactly is sometimes up for IC debate. Is a Matari slave a Republic citizen? How can we best defend the Republc? that kind of thing. But, from a practical OOC standpoint, we’re happy to sit in the Republic and kill stuff in Minmatar low and nul sec

Sov Wars: How often will a corp split from EM and join the militia to fight/plex?

Gottii: It’s a very rare thing for a corp to leave EM and join the TLF. It’s happened before, and might happen again, but its not regular by any means.

Sov Wars: How would a player join EM if interested?

Gottii: If interested, every corp in EM has a recruiting thread on the public forums, as well as threads on the EVE site and whatnot. The EM forums would be the best place to look, most likely.

Sov Wars: That’s pretty much it, thank you for your time.

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