Interview: Onesimus Theodoulos

Sov Wars: Tell us about House of Theodoulos.

Onesimus Theodoulos: HTH was created to do some mining, our original plan was to build stuff to support the Empire.

Sov Wars: How did you get involved with Faction War?

Onesimus Theodoulos: After watching my Uncle Gabriel.

Sov Wars: Your Uncle Gabriel in game is also your real life Father, correct?

Onesimus Theodoulos: Yes.

Sov Wars: Gabriel has been a staunch supporter of the Amarr Empire. Has his play style influenced yours very much?

Onesimus Theodoulos: Aye. Yes very much. If it wasn’t for him HTH would not be as it is now.

Sov Wars: Currently HTH is wardecced by Amarr FW corps. Who are they, and why have they done so?

Onesimus Theodoulos: O1nk and As We Fight. From what I understand their reasoning is becasue we have invited traitorous Minmatar into our corp that have committed crimes towards the Empire.

Sov Wars: Who do they claim is the traitor?

Onesimus Theodoulos: From the reports I’ve been given, Flyinghotpocket, Sandman, and Contra.

Sov Wars: And they were previously in the TLF? What made you trust them?

Onesimus Theodoulos: Honestly nothing. I took a chance. I felt that they should get a second chance to show their loyalty to the Empire.

Sov Wars: Do you feel you have made the right decision?

Onesimus Theodoulos: Yes…and no.

Sov Wars: Elaborate.

Onesimus Theodoulos:  Yes, because they have shown their loyalty to the Empire on countless occasions. No, becasue so many Amarr corps have now agressed HTH for not trusting them.

Sov Wars: Has HTH made the wardecs mutual?

Onesimus Theodoulos: We have tried by all means to not agress and so far we have been successful.

Sov Wars: What are your future plans for HTH?

Onesimus Theodoulos: To serve the Empire in all ways possible.

Sov Wars: Thank you for your time.

Onesimus Theodoulos: Thank you for the interview.

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