Amarr Defeated in Huola POS Bash

The Bleaklands

The Amarr Militia suffered heavy losses tonight in the Huola star system as a fleet of approximately thirty Amarrian pilots attacked a medium POS owned by Valkyr Industries.

Within minutes of being on grid, the Amarrian fleet was scouted by the Minmatar Militia, Electus Matari, and Heretic Army.

The combined Minmatar/Pirate forces retaliated soon after to the POS attack with a fifty man fleet, dropping a Naglfar, Archon, and Moros onto the field along with a sizable battleship and support fleet.

While in siege mode, Daemonde Ardishapur’s Revelation was the first to go down, shortly followed by Zoarial’s Naglfar. Aldrith Shutaq, CEO of KOTMC lost his Archon, and lastly, Mitara Newelle lost a Revelation due to being tackled by a rifter pilot.

The Amarr also lost most guardian support along with several battleships.

The Minmatar caused over eight billion in damages while suffering a two billion loss from Bahamut420’s Naglfar.

Sources inside the Amarr Militia claim the Minmatar victory was “hardly surprising since the Amarr have been steadily losing battles over the past few weeks.”

However, other pilots remain hopeful, claiming that “it was one hell of a battle and we all did our best.”

Battle reports can be found here and here.

2 Responses to “Amarr Defeated in Huola POS Bash”

  1. Nice write up, Shalee. It sure was a great and fun fight. The numbers on the BRs are a little screwy, but still a fun fight. I think the fact that we had the pos on our side really swung the fight in our direction.

  2. Hey, I don’t think the Heretics were working with the Minmatar Militia. More like the tics heard a cap fight was happening and some hurried to Huola to whore onto mails.

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