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Opinion: Open Letter to Minmatar and Amarr Militia

Posted in Uncategorized on June 25, 2011 by shaleelianne

Author:  Almity

The constant shifts in power between the late night Amarr and Minmatar militia has been decidedly in latter’s favor for several months. The same scenario will play out this night as it does most nights. As I write this Huola is camped, you can almost set your watch to this nightly. In a few hours time Amarr will assemble their core combat pilots. The Minmatar fleet of gank will be driven out and sent back to Auga, maybe missing one or two ships.

The new Amarr fleet, numbering in the 10 to 15 range will control Huola, Kourmonen, and the surrounding area. Hungry for a fight they will go to Auga but the Minmatar will be docked except for neutral eyes. Soon the Amarr fleet will go hunting pirates, plex, or try a trick or two to get a fight. This is where Amarr will have the most success as they still have the element of surprise and the willingness of local pirates to fight. While this is happening the Minmatar will deploy their considerable network of neutral eyes and spies.

Once the Minmatar have exact fleet size and ship types they will assemble a larger fleet, specifically designed to counter what Amarr is currently flying. The Minmatar are currently capable of outnumbering the Amarr by 10 most nights giving them almost two to one odds. Not content with simply bringing greater numbers the Minmatar will often deploy logistic and e-war even when Amarr is not fielding the same.

No one can blame the Minmatar for using every tool at their disposal to win. The Amarr fleet will do the same to an extent, trying to bring a fleet capable of countering the Minmatar’s greater numbers. Where this pilot can lay blame on the Minmatar and their fighting style is their absolute refusal to willing engage in combat if there is a chance they could be beat. Every tactical advantage must be theirs or they leave. If Amarr wants a fight, as they do most nights it will be on Minmatar terms, no exceptions. This leads to Amarr jumping into superior numbers and a fleet composition designed to counter theirs. The outcome is pretty predictable most nights.

These “prearranged” fights are getting tiresome. The Amarr FC’s do their best to avoid them now. Knowing you are outnumbered and out shipped and knowing your enemy never fights without a predetermined outcome why would you jump into them when they convo you and say “we are ready now, come fight”? Unfortunately after several hours of this back and forth the Amarr fleet will give in and jump into a fight most know they have very little chance of winning.

Almost every avenue available to the Amarr fleet can be countered many times over by the Minmatar. Be it logistics, ewar, ship size, or Capitals the Minmatar have the advantage. Most importantly is the huge advantage the Minmatar have in Capital and Super Capital ships. Any Capital deployment by the Amarr fleet will be quickly countered by the Minmatar many, many times larger. Meanwhile the Minmatar are known to hot drop Dreadnought’s on frig fleets and Carriers on Battle-cruiser fights.

The greatest imbalance between the two Militia’s are Super Capitals. The Minmatar are currently known to have at least five Super Capital’s at their disposal while the Amarr Militia have none. Even if Amarr has the ability to match the Minmatar Capital for Capital in a fight the mere possibility of a single Super Capital being fielded deters the Amarr from doing so. The massive fire power Super Capitals bring to fight is enough to keep Amarr capitals safely docked most nights, even if they are in dire need of them. The only thing keeping Minmatar from using their Super Capitals more often is the lingering presence of a former Amarr FC.

If Amarr is not capable of recruiting more pilots to their cause and the Minmatar ranks continue to grow then this fight will become even more one sided. Amarr fleets will continue seeking other targets in the area and ignoring the Minmatar fleets. The Minmatar already spend long hours camping Huola and its gates. What will they do when the only time they see Amarr in numbers is when they are being ran off a gate, making it safe for the passing fleet?

The Amarr Militia with its dedicated group of pilots will continue the fight to hold its space. But will the Minmatar learn that their current tactics are making fleet fights less and less likely? Only time will tell.