Wolfsbrigade Joins Amarr Militia

Wolfsbrigade, corp ticker W-BR
Public Channel: Wolfsbrigade

Sov Wars: Thank you for agreeing to the interview. Tell us a little bit about the history of W-BR.

Zeerover: My pleasure. Wolfsbrigade was founded last fall by players from various successful Caldari FW corps. It was one of the fall outs of the CDI (Caldari Defence Initiative) falling apart.

Sov Wars: That’s intriguing. For those who aren’t familiar with the fall out, can you briefly describe what happened?

Zeerover: It’s the age old story of a corp becoming good at pvp, corp wanting to see alliance warfare, this was Inglorious Basterds. So, the CEO of IBS wanted to take the best corps out of Caldari FW out and make an alliance to support Caldari FW. This failed hard.

A lot of the best pvp’ers from IBS and other corps banded together with First General, who at the time was the main Caldari FC in Wolfsbrigade.

We were quickly the dominant force, together with Draketrain, but after New Years, we were the sole dominant force in Caldari FW.

And then history repeated itself. We became disillusioned with the Black Rise region and our main adversaries – Shadows of the Federation, felt the same way.

We both left our respective factions to start an alliance, around the end of May. We believed we had some common ground, but over the next month it became clear that we had widely different views on what to do.

They wanted to be low-sec pirates, we wanted to become great, and in my opinion you don’t become great by killing newbie players on a low-sec t3 gatecamp.

Your stats might be awesome, but your pvp skill diminishes greatly. So a few days ago we made up our minds. We don’t want to be low-sec pirates, having tried this for a few weeks, it wasn’t us. We decided to try something we are familiar with, FW, but in a different setting (Amarr/Minmatar).

Sov Wars: What prompted W-BR to join Amarr Militia over the Minmatar Militia?

Zeerover: To see if we cannot get back to our former pvp prowess.

While with SotF we had moved to Kamela, which is on the Amarr side so it was natural to remain in station. Our corp has good amarr standings, both faction standings, but also to many of the older corps in Amarr FW.

Also, it seemed to us, that IFW would be a good adversary. Basically we want a good fight and a strong opponent, otherwise we grow weak.

Sov Wars: Do you think it will be much of a problem fleeting with the older, more established Amarrian corps after spending weeks in the war zone pirating them? Or do you plan on running corp-only fleets.

Zeerover: I hope it won’t be a problem, mostly because we’re not pirates at heart. It’s fairly obvious for them to see who are the pirate faction in our former alliance. Our members have all been told to get their sec status back up above -2.0 as soon as possible, so we won’t be very active until the weekend. Need to pay for our flirtation with the dark side of the pirate world.

Sov Wars: So far, how has W-BR been received in militia?

Zeerover: Mixed reactions. Those that don’t follow Cal/Gal FW were surprised that parts of those pirates in kamela now joined them, but most veteran players have received us well. We’ve done joint ops with them in the past when we were in the Caldari Militia, and some of our former members are in their corps, such as our founder, Tommyboy.

Sov Wars: Will W-BR invest any time or resources in capturing systems for the Amarr Militia? (aka FW plexing)

Zeerover: We have members who really enjoyed FW plexing, and they will probably do so, but there won’t be many corp initatives for this, unless we feel it’s a way to provoke a big fight. We want to have epic battles where our FCs can try their wits against the best FCs the Matari can throw at us, and we want to best them.

Sov Wars: What are the main goals of W-BR as a corporation?

Zeerover: We have long term plans in becoming an elite pvp force. It’s no secret that we look up to Rooks & Kings and other innovators of non-supercap pvp. That is the main goal of the corp, to join the ranks of the best.

Sov Wars: Do you have long term plans in serving the militia?

Zeerover: Our members are experienced FW pilots, we like it in FW and we will fight for our chosen side with vigor like anyone else. We plan to stay in FW for both the near and medium term, we flirted with alliance gameplay and we did not like it.

What happens six months down the road, I don’t know. If major foes disappear, and all fleets we can find are 2-3 matari plexing, then we will probably leave…but as long as we can find the good fight and try to win exciting battles we’ll keep playing.

Sov Wars: Anything else you’d like the readers to know about Wolfsbrigade?

Zeerover: Well I want to apologize to those Amarrian FW players who’ve fallen while we followed the pirate footpath.

Sov Wars: Lastly, if someone were interested in joining W-BR, what’s the recruitment process like?

Zeerover: The recruitment process starts with our recruitment channel and recruitment forum on http://www.wolfsbrigade.org. From there our recruiters will have interviews with applicants and if we see a good player behind the applicant, you’re onwards to join the corp. One thing that is to be expected inside W-BR is that we strive to have good organization within the corp, with corp shops and corp activities.

Sov Wars: Awesome. Thanks for the information.

Zeerover: My pleasure and thank you.


2 Responses to “Wolfsbrigade Joins Amarr Militia”

  1. Hope these wolf fellows bolster the amarr numbers and morale a bit! Need more targets for the minmatar in the us night tz to be honest! It was nice having the flashy pirates in kamela for awhile; they proved to be fairly easy to kill alone tho. Maybe as part of the amarr militia, they will be more of a force…

    • Andre Vauban Says:

      W-BR put up very nicely organized and well run fleets. However, they are almost entirely EU based.

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