Soulless Brutor returns to Amarr Militia

The Imperial Fedaykin [TMFED] of the Amarr Militia welcomes back well renowned FC, Soulless Brutor, to it’s ranks.

Soulless’s service to the Amarr Militia stretches over a year under the character, Predator Elite as he flew with Locus Industries, Core Impulse, and The Imperial Fedaykin’s corporations.

Currently Predator has formed his own alliance in null sec, planning to divide his time between null sec and the militia.

When asked why he returned, he said, “I got tired of watching people fight basically. I wanted to join in and have fun.”

Eran Mintor, the leading FC for the USA late night time zone was asked how he felt and responded with, “I think it’s good for militia and am glad to see militia pilots morale boosted by his return.”

Vadiem Rizen of [TMFED] agrees. “Well I think it’s a great thing for the Amarr. It definitely makes us that much stronger to bring back a familiar face as well as an experienced FC. Will be interesting to see how it plays in with Wolfsbrigade joining Amarr as well. I see good things happening for Amarr right now.”

Even the Minmatar seem to be in favor of his return. Vordak Kallager of the Minmatar Militia corp, Autocannons Anonymous, said, “To be quite honest, Predator Elite (Soulless Brutor) has never really left the Amarr Militia. Officially, his characters went off to 0.0 alliances, but his prescence as a leader in the Amarr US Timezone has never fully abated, albeit his activity has diminished since January. Even now, as he “officially” joins the ranks of the 24th Imperial Crusade, it remains to be seen if he increases his activity to the levels of late 2010 where the Amarr, under Predator’s command, were a formidable and fearsome opponent for the Minmatar’s “Latenite” fleet. As an [AUTOZ] Director, member of the Latenite fleet and avid Minmatar warrior, I sincerely hope that the US timezone Amarr’s strength and morale returns with their most fearsome Leader at the head of their fleets.

Personally, I wish him and the Amarr the best of luck and hope to meet them on the battlefield many times in the coming weeks and, hopefully, months.”


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