Placid Region, The Battle of Harroule

Harroule, a Gallente star system in the Placid Region fell today as the Caldari pushed forward in their campaign to claim Gallente territory.

As the system fell vulnerable, Caldari prepared for a long, drawn out battle at the bunker by calling in their Amarrian allies.

Wolfsbrigade, newcomers to the Amarrian Militia, hot dropped carriers onto the Gallente’s initial fleet, securing enough time for the remainder of the Amarrian fleet to move into place, still en route over a dozen systems out.

As a result of the Wolfsbrigade capitals, the Gallente fled to the neighboring system, Ostingele, to prepare for a counter attack. Not long after, the Gallente commander called in support outside of the militias, including John Revenant of I-RED and several members of the Galatic Shipyards Inc [GSY] corporation.

As the Amarrian fleet landed in Agoze, two jumps out of Harroule, the Gallente fleet warped in on the Harroule bunker for the second engagement.

Moments later the combined fleets of Caldari and Amarr militias engaged. Cynos were sprung across the battlefield as ElCheeco Mofo from GSY hotdropped a Nyx. He was quickly countered by Radien. Alliance, bringing in more than twenty neutral super carriers.

The engagement was soon over, though the Gallente retain control of Harroule.

BattleReport Here


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