Opinion: Counter to ‘Open Letter to Amarr and Minmatar Militia’

Author: Urik Kahn, Minmatar Militia, a response to this article.

Ok, I give you the super capital business; the Minmatar have more SC’s. But, capital fights are not what we are all about here in faction war anyway, so I don’t suppose that matters too much. I for one am quite happy to not see capitals fielded on any sort of regular basis. Save them for POS battles and the like.

As for the comments about numbers and ship types and advantages and not wanting to lose, it is the same complaints on both sides. At night (US time zone) the Minmatar usually have more pilots x’ing for fleets, sure, so Minmatar are often bigger.

But when the Amarr have more people on than the Minmatar, it goes exactly the other way. Numbers are the single biggest advantage a side can have and both use it to their maximum advantage any time possible (see US TZ day fleets where Amarr usually outnumber Minmatar).

The minmatar feel in general that we are more willing to fight on even terms (when that actually happens) or at some disadvantage than the Amarr are. It certainly seems to us like the Amarr will not engage if they see much a chance they could lose (Eran Mintor is known in Minmatar circles for running away) and many nights the LateNite fleet does not get in any fights because the Amarr do not come out or don’t engage at all.

That being said, on the nights where Minmatar end up with only six people in fleet and a fifteen man Amarr bc fleet comes out to roam, we don’t engage it either.

Now that Pred is back, perhaps Amarr will see more x’s and larger fleets and therefore more battles! But honestly, you know Pred hates to lose; don’t tell me Amarr FC’s are always willing to fight short handed battles they feel they have no chance of winning.

Alright, my point with all of that, Almity, was simply that both sides say the same things about the other side when the fights don’t go their way. Numbers are the biggest factor; and, in general, at the times you and I are active, Minmatar have a numbers advantage.

On to camping stations. I know of only a hand full of guys who camp Huola station often. I know of about the same number of Amarr who camp Auga looking for ganks. Everyday I warp out of Auga third past some Amarr campers to my insta undock spot. They try to bump, they try everything, and I am certain they get some kills there or they would not stay.

There are probably Amarr outside or docked inside Auga third right now no matter what time you read this. I don’t like station games, but I guess others do. Again, I’m only trying to point out that both sides do the same thing and you and I may not like it, but it is not one sided.

Your whole bit about the Minmatar being known to drop dreads on frig fleets and carriers in battle cruisers fights seems very over blown. Really? Dreads vs Frigs? That dosen’t even work. If some random pilot did that once on a lark, so be it. But no FC calls for that. That isn’t a plan.

Carriers on BCs makes sense if you are out numbered two to one, or the enemy has logi and you dont, etc. I know a few Minmatar like to drop every now and then even when it is not nessisary, but that is a rare occurrence for sure.

Honestly, our reputation in LateNite militia is quite exaggerated at times. We fly recklessly often, especially when an Amarr fleet has not been spotted yet, and quite regularly we don’t have a dedicated FC calling the shots. One thing we DO, is shoot primaries when a fight kicks off.

Man, I have seen Amarr lose some fights very badly, getting no kills at all, that at the outset seemed quite even in ships and numbers. What appears to happen is that a handful or more of the Amarr pilots don’t engage right away. Maybe they are waiting to see if they are primary so they can jump out, maybe they are scared and want to see their side winning before they join in, but man! That will cost a fleet any close fight! Your guys have to engage and stay on targets right from the start!

That brings me to you statements about our spies and alts. I, for one, see many more Amarr alts following our fleets than I know we have following yours. When Eran is FC, his alt is glued to us, man. We don’t have that. Heck, we have people that will convo members of the Amarr fleet to ask where you are etc (no I’m not a fan of that either, but if we had spies and alts everywhere we would not need to do it!) I don’t know of a single person I fly with that has an alt in the Amarr milita. Captain Vagauy did, and that’s the only one I’ve ever seen. We don’t have spies on your comms. Honestly, come fly with us for week or two, talk to Galdornae who switched sides from Amarr to Minmatar. We are less organized and less well informed about enemy movements than you think. You give us too much credit.

I know guys on both sides miss cruiser/af fights. I feel like everynight if the Amarr come out it is a battlecruiser fleet, we start off that way. Maybe ship to bs’s before it is done. And I like those fights too, but man, I have like twenty cruisers that I hardly ever get to use! So lets both try to use plexes to limit ship sizes and bring out smaller, faster fleets. Then, don’t ship up just because the enemy comes in bc’s. We probably didn’t know what was going on! Not shipping up just might be the best choice we make! Numbers will always be an issue, since neither side is likely to tell people x’ing ‘no, you can’t join. We have enough! That makes your own militia dislike you, too, heh. Heck, LateNite tries to be limited. We don’t advertise or recruit from general milita at all. But there people we know, who we fly with, looking for a gang, so we grow. Sometimes I think it would be nice to split into smaller groups and roam that way. But there end up being two problems. 1) if a gang loses a fight to a larger force, they are mad because others were around just in a different fleet. 2) Often there are not many targets, so everyone wants to be where the action is, even when not in the same fleet! No one wants to roam the empty systems while the other group gets good fights.

Anyway, Almity, I saw you letter and thought, “This is the same stuff Minmatar complain about the Amarr!” so I had to add my two cents.

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