Opinion: Inhonores on the Fall of Harroule

Author: Seriphyn Inhonores, Gallente Militia

Well, after a hilarious failure by the Caldari militia of trying to bunkerbust Harroule the first time (that involved leaving their battlecruisers in the system’s only station and podding out), the joke’s on us as the system was lost today. This was primarily due to assistance provided by Wolfsbrigade, former Caldari militia and alliance partner with ex-FDU Shadows of the Federation, and now a member of the Amarr militia.

With a 40+ blob composed of Abaddons and battlecruisers, supported by First General’s Archon and a Revelation dreadnought, the Caldari’s intention was purely for a bunkerbust and not for any fights, although a smaller Gallente fleet did their best to take some potshots at the enemy. Wolfsbrigade’s batphone to the Raiden. alliance (which saw many supercarriers dropped on the Gallente fleet when Harroule was first vulnerable a few days ago) meant that the FDU was reluctant to engage any further.

Still, the ability for the Gallente to fend off the initial bunkerbusting fleet and flip the system back to contested from vulnerable was commendable. I’m sure many of us are aware of the spawn mechanics with regards to FW plexes, and sometimes, it’s just a case of pure luck. On the other side of the coin, however, the “squids” currently have better organization and better numbers for such undertakings, despite the Gallente’s prowess in getting the Caldari to run at every opportunity.

Though, the other side always blobs, right?

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