Late Night Skirmish In Auga


After a mostly uneventful night around the Amarr-Minmatar war zone, the evening ended with a surprising turn of events in Auga as Minmatar pilot Bahamut420 undocked from the Auga VIII- M2- Republic Fleet Assembly Plant, commonly known as Auga 3rd, in an Archon.

Amarrian station campers immediately went for the bump as two battleships undocked, accompanying the Ice Fire Warrior’s CEO into battle.

Dolmant was reported to have undocked in an Archon as Bahamut went into triage, followed by several other Minmatar pilots.

The Amarr countered, cynoing in Predator Elite’s Revelation’s as the rest of Amarr scrambled to form up, bringing in an assortment of neuting and dps battleships.

Predator went into siege on Bahamut though the Amarr failed to break his tank.

The fighting ended with several Minmatar losses, Amarr holding the field, though the battle report shows a combined loss of over six billion, with the Minmatar winning the ISK battle.

Notable losses include Amarrian pilot, RTSAvalance’s Bhaalgorn and Minmatar’s Delphaus’s Moros.


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