Interview: Almity, Amarrian FC

Thanks for agreeing to this interview.
Thank you for asking me to do it!

How long have you been playing EVE?
I first started playing EVE a few years ago with a long break in the middle. I started playing again last fall after a friend told me he played.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia?
I’ve tried mission running and mining but they were just for making isk. Pirating may also have been tried a time or two.

When and why did you first join FW? 
I joined FW last fall when I returned to EVE. A small group of friends and I were looking for steady PVP action that we could do as a small corp. FW seemed like the best option.

What made you choose to fly with Amarr over the other militias?
It was a choice between Caldari and Amarr. Since my friends and I were based in the Amarr area we decided that Amarr Militia was the best choice. I think we picked the right one.

What is your most memorable experience in militia so far?
There has been a lot of great experiences for me in the Militia. If I had to pick one it would be the Amarr/PL vs Minmatar/Dark Rising fight in Auga back in January. Getting my first Capital kills was a great thing. It also opened my eyes to how truly huge EVE is. I had never seen that kind of numbers or fire power before and I was kind of dumbstruck.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of militia? What do you think CCP should change about FW?
My favorite thing has to be knowing most nights there is a fight to be had. Having an enemy living two jumps away is a great thing when you love to blow stuff up. My least favorite thing would be plexing if its not to get a fight. Sitting on a button for twenty minutes is a horrible thing. If CCP were to change anything I would ask for a better reward for plexing. Even a small reward of isk would make it much more appealing.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support?
I fully understand the neutral spies part of faction war. It is almost a necessity to make sure your not leading your fleet into a trap. The use of neutral boosters and logi is very different in my opinion. Put them in militia if you are going to use them in fleets. Non-militia cap support is fine in most cases but if you have the capitals you need to do the job in militia then stick with them. If you are facing a far superior force then pick up the bat phone.

What do you consider the hardest part of being a new FC in militia?
Intel. Even with eyes and spies its very easy to loose track of a fleet or know if what is on the other side of a gate is there entire fleet. Lack of good intel kills fleets faster than anything else.

What kinds of fleets do you most prefer to FC?
Battle-cruiser and down. They are pretty much the bread and butter of both militia’s and they are very versatile. I prefer armor gangs but I will not hesitate going shield if the situation calls for it. I also enjoy running destroyer and frig roaming fleets but Shalee won’t let me most nights.

What kind of advice would you give for the up-and-coming FCs?
You will loose! I had a hard time excepting that at first and I think it hurt my FCing. Once you get over that you will be able to concentrate on the fight at hand better. When I first started to FC I was more worried about not getting people killed than getting kills. Unfortunately you will loose ships even in most victories.

Thank you for your time. Any parting thoughts?
We have had some nice somewhat balanced fights recently. Lets keep it that way!


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