Gallente & Minmatar Capitals Surprise Caldari

Author: Eran Mintor

In the early hours of July 16th, Caldari and Gallente forces in the Sujarento and Tama systems engaged multiple times on the star-gates between the two systems. Beginning in Tama, Gallente mustered a shield-battleship gang, fit for range and kiting who were met by a similar Caldari force. The majority of the Caldari fleet consisted of shield-battlecrusiers, which engaged the Gallente for approximately 30 minutes in Tama. ( Tama Battle report)

After he initial engagement, Gallente forces withdrew to the Sujarento gate and jumped out. The Caldari fleet pursued, managing to pick off a few tempests on the other side who failed to take range with the rest of their fleet.

The engagement continued in Sujarento, where the Caldari eventually got a warp-in onto the middle of the Gallente range-fleet, allowing them a clear opportunity to engage within their optimal ranges. As the Caldari dropped out of warp on top of the battleship fleet, a cyno appeared on overview; Gallente had called in capital support.

Shortly after the cyno was lit, a Gallente capital fleet of carriers arrived in Sujarento to assist in the fighting. By this point, most of the Gallente sub-capital fleet had been destroyed and the Caldari were working on mopping up the rest of their support fleet. Once the support was gone, they turned onto the capitals.

However, most of the Gallente capitals had managed to warp off; all except for the carrier pilot ‘texocyo’ who was getting hammered by the Caldari fleet. As texocyo’s carrier dropped into half-hull, the remainder of the Gallente carriers warped back ontop of him and began to repair the damage he had sustained. Soon, a new cyno was lit and more support came in to assist the Gallente; this time Minmatar capitals were on field as well, adding more carriers and dreadnaughts to the fight.

With climbing losses on both sides, the Caldari struggled to hold the field while waiting for additional support to come to their aid. A neutral fleet friendly to the Caldari arrived, but was soon destroyed and unable to assist in the main fighting. Eventually the Caldari had to retreat, both sides neither at a clear advantage but unable to do much to the other.

After the battle, Gunnyt31 of the Caldari militia claimed a tactical victory against the larger Gallente/Minmatar fleet, which in the end consisted of at least 7 carriers and 3 dreadnaughts. The Gallente did not contest this statement but continue to find ways to surprise their enemies.

Sujarento Battle Reports:



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