Interview: Mitara Newelle

Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

In comparison to most FW pilot’s employment history, yours is relatively short; One null sec corporation and then PIE. What made you decide to leave null sec for faction war?

The timing was very good to leave Kudzu. The corp had basically splintered, and many of the pilots had gone their own ways. Faction War was just being released, and it seemed like it would be a lot of fun.

Out of all the FW corps available, why did you choose PIE?

When I first created Mitty, I had it in the back of my mind that someday I would want her to be in PIE and to do some RP. With PIE joining FW, it made my decision to move all the easier.

Tell us briefly about PIE and your role in the corporation.

PIE is the eldest Amarr loyalist RP corp, and one of the oldest corporations in New Eden. Mitty is currently an Admiral(Director) within PIE. I have a hand in overseeing some of our pilot benefit programs and am probably the most available of the PIE Admiralty.

What makes PIE different from other FW corps?

Our ethos and history set us apart from other corporations. We allow only Amarrian bloodlines, fly only Amarr and Khanid hulls, and abide by some strict rules of conduct. We aim to be as Amarrian as possible, even if the game mechanics work against us. It’s not always about winning, but about having fun playing the best race in the game. Amarr Victor!

With PIE being an all role play corp, do you find it difficult to balance your RP character with the demands of FW?

Not really. Mitty is very duty driven, and her focus for the last three years has been FW. Some elements of the militia she detests, but the Empress has allowed all kinds of pilots to further the cause of Amarr in the warzone, so she accepts that… mostly. Some activities the militia at times engage in, she will not. There have been several instances where Mitty has dropped fleet because the FC wanted to do something against her beliefs.

How difficult is it role playing a female character in a male populated game?

Hmm. From the question, I gather you are wondering if there is any harassment or such? My answer to that is that it has not been difficult at all. Mitty is not very approachable, so she doesn’t get random guys trying to hit on her or anything! LOL!

Would you enjoy EVE as much without the RP?

It would still be a damn fun game, but I would miss the RP aspect.

What is your most memorable experience in FW?

Geez, that’s tough. Losing my first capital ship, I remember that pretty vividly. There have been tons of smaller gang fights that I’ve been in that were absolutely a blast, usually centered around FW complexs. Preaching in Auga local is always fun too 🙂

What are some memorable wars/campaigns that PIE has been involved in over the years?

The notable wars and campaigns happened before FW and my time in PIE. We have been at war with EM forever, but I only see them once in a while. A lot of PIE’s history is detailed on the EVE Wiki, EVE History Wiki, and on the PIE forums. Rodj Blake has done a wonderful, and much appreciated, job of chronicling PIE’s exploits on those mediums over the years.

PIE has been at war with Electus Matari for years due to role play reasons. Will PIE ever drop the mutual wardec? Also, how much of an impact does EM have on the militia warfront?

I don’t see us dropping the dec, unless EM renounces their terrorist ways of course! Occasionally, there will be a few EM around the WZ that we have to be aware of. Depending on what is going on, they are usually a lower priority for us than our FW objectives. They will assist the TLF when there is a militia fleet containing PIE pilots, so that has to be taken into consideration sometimes. I’d like to have more fights with EM, but our times usually don’t mesh up, and Mitty does not leave the war zone very often. o/ Gottii.

Will PIE ever leave FW to pursue other goals?

We have relaxed our focus on FW, but I don’t see us leaving it. We encourage our pilots to do other activities to keep things fresh so they don’t burn out. We’re helping out CVA often now days. We’re trying to get more organized efforts started for things like exploration, wormholes, and Incursions.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining PIE?

Check out our forums and join the PIE PUBLIC in game channel. Do a bit of research to see if PIE is a good fit for you. Oh, and don’t call Mitty ‘Sir’ 🙂

Ship – to fly: Armageddon, or Punisher if Shalee is around to taunt with it. Hull: Heretic/Coercer
FW System – Kourmonen, Mitty’s home away from home. It’s a great system, tons of traffic.
EVE celebrity – Vaari – Grandest Hero of the Universe; Savior of Small Children, Pets, and All Things Purple.
EVE related website (ok, where’s my 10 bucks?)
RP Arc – anything involving Mit of course 🙂
EVE related podcast – does drunken KotMC vent chatter count?
Null Sec Alliance – Notoriety Alliance, it was fun flying with them back when.

Thank you for your time, any parting thoughts?

Ponies – just STOP!


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  1. I’m totally with you there, Mitty. The Ponies must be put down!

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