Interview: Smithy Adama, Minmatar FC

Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

My pleasure.

To start with, explain why you’ve changed Faction War toons? You used to fly under Vordak Kallager, but now you fly as Smithy Adama.

I started my PvP career in Faction Warfare on Vordak Kallager, and for the past year FW is the only PvP I’ve experienced. I moved Vordak out of the Militia in order to see some more of the universe, make some more friends and hopefully get some valuable experience in 0.0 fleet warfare. However, my home will always be in Faction Warfare; I simply can’t see myself anywhere else in the game for any kind of extended period. Besides, Smithy is still a well-trained character and useful in any kind of fleet.

How long have you been playing EvE?

I’ve been playing EVE since 2009, however my first year and a half of that was purely as a PvE pilot.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia?

Besides my initial stint as a carebear, the Militia is the only significant aspect of the game I’ve tried, although I have dipped my toes in most of the different game mechanics. Right now, however, I’m trying out 0.0 PvP with Black Legion. alliance, but it remains to be seen how that works out.

When and why did you first join FW?

Back in my carebear days, a few of us decided to go on a jaunt through lowsec in some battle cruisers to see what this whole PvP thing was about. It ended with our five or so ships being obliterated by a Pandemic Legion Faction Battleship 50man fleet that had been fishing with a cyno Harbinger in a belt. It was fucking epic.

From that moment on, a few friends and I made a highsec wardec corp which got us our first handful of kills and really cemented our desire to PvP. We started looking for a further outlet for our blood lust and Faction Warfare seemed like the perfect prescription.

What is your most memorable experience in FW?

There have been a lot of great fights and moments in Faction Warfare, but there is a single moment that really stands out. I was just starting to get invited to the :ELITE: “Latenite Fleets” with the usual USTZ Minmatar Crew (Bahamut and friends) and I was only in a tackle Rifter. We had an engagement with a similarly sized Locus Industries BC gang and I managed to hold tackle on a fleeing Sleipner as the rest of the fleet polished off the WT Battlecruisers back on gate. However, a second Sleipner belonging to Dake Darkstalker had managed to warp to a tactical off of the gate. As the first Sleipner died, I warped to one of my own tacticals and landed about 40km off of Dake. He must have been distracted as he seemed not to notice me burning the distance until I was nearly in scram+web range, but I managed to tackle his Command Ship and frantically triple x’d for the fleet to warp to me as I was being slaughtered by his neutralizer, drones and guns. I heard someone call a secondary point as the last slivers of my hull disappeared and watched ecstatically as his several hundred million ISK ship joined mine in a fiery death. And that is part of the reason for the running joke that [AUTOZ] (my corporation) is just a bunch of scrubs, but we can fly a mean rifter.

What made you choose to fly with Minmatar over the other militias? (also, have you flown with any other faction?)

I’ve always lived in the Molden Heath and Heimatar regions, so joining the Minmatar Militia seemed like the natural choice. I have yet to try out any of the other factions, although I really have no inclination to do so. I am quite happy as a director of Autocannons Anonymous and will probably end up sticking with AUTOZ for a long time to come. Great bunch of guys.

What do you think of mixed militia fleets to kill pirates in the war zone?

I think they are great fun and I’m always down to fleet up with Predator or Eran to take down some neutrals/pirates. Some people hate these kind of joint-ops, but I like most of the Amarr pilots (except for Vadeim Rizen) and fleeting with them is a cool experience. I make it a point to always honor Non-Aggression Pacts and if any Amarr ever see me in local, feel free to convo me if you can’t take that pirate battle cruiser without a little back up.

Game mechanics allies Amarr to Caldari, Gallente to Minmatar. How helpful is it actually having another militia as allies?

I’m not sure about the state of Amarr-Caldari relations, but a lot of the Gallente FCs are in Minmatar intel channels and they are always willing to bring over a fleet if we can’t handle whatever the Amarr have on our own and vice versa. So in that regard, it is very useful.

Do you participate in plexing and system capturing? Do you even think it is a worthwhile endeavor?

I don’t really run the FW combat plexes for the sake of “flipping” a system from Amarr to Minmatar occupancy, nor am I a fan of defensive plexing to secure a system that has been contested by war targets. Of course, those combat plex do serve a purpose and I’m willing to sit in them in order to get a fight whether it be out in the back systems against Amarr plexers or for the sole purpose of limiting the enemies’ firepower via size-restricted acceleration gates. However, I think CCP needs to class the pirate and faction ships as equivalent to T2 because they dominate in those plexes and give newer players a big disadvantage that the size-restrictions were initially designed to counter act.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support?

I don’t mind alt spies, although I would never be bothered to plant one myself. I usually just convo one of the Amarr and ask them where they are and what they have if I can’t find them, haha. Neutral alts are fine and can give an advantage when fighting out numbered or out gunned. On the other hand, non-militia Capital Support is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. This is Faction vs. Faction, not Faction vs. 0.0 Powerbloc. I understand neutral capital support, but cynoing in a 0.0 Super fleet to gank a carrier or two is not what I would consider very classy. It is still possible to kill capitals with a sub-cap fleet, you just have to be organized and prepared.

What do you consider the hardest part of being a newer FC in militia?

Motivating myself to put up a fleet and keep that fleet occupied, especially if there are no immediate targets to go after, is a real bitch. However, in almost any fleet I join I end up becoming pretty vocal about what we should do and how we should go about doing it; this can be a problem when trying to fly with the Daytime Minmatar who have the more traditional fleet organization where there is a single FC directing the fleet’s every movement, haha. I end up trying to propose ideas and get snapped at for stepping out of my place. 😛 Being one of Minmatar’s youngest players doesn’t help, I’d imagine.

How do you think FCing for Minmatar varies from FCing in Amarr?

Although I haven’t been in many Amarr fleets (and therefore don’t have a solid grasp on their particular style of FCing fleets) I do believe that there is nothing quite like the USTZ Minmatar fleet. Someone called it “FC by Committee” once and I think that term is pretty apt at describing how our fleets run. Another way to put it is a bunch of headless chickens blundering about the region until one of them finds something to shoot, at which point the rest of the headless chickens attempt to converge and kill it with whatever tools are on hand. Of course, when the fight actually starts, someone (and having almost everyone in the fleet capable of FCing helps) will end up taking over Primary Calling and FCing, but until that moment the fleet is led by a collective will. In terms of keeping it casual and fun, I think the USTZ Minmatar style of fleet excels brilliantly.

What advice would you give to someone who is just coming into Minmatar FW?

The NPC corp is really not a good place to be for a person fresh to PvP and Faction Warfare. There is a lot of concern about spy alts and being in the TLF doesn’t assuage any concerns about that. Try getting some kills on the board and apply to one of the Player Corps in the militia. From there, your corpmates will be able to get you into fleets and intel channels and the experience will change from being a lonely desolate wasteland with no friends to a fun and casual place to get online, get in fleet and shoot at stuff.


Ship to fly: I have a soft spot for the Enyo as my first Enyo hull went 36:1 and served me well. Otherwise, I actually enjoy flying as logistics or in a Battleship for a big Minmatar v. Amarr slugfest.
FW System: Haras. ^^
EvE Celebrity: Prometheus Exenthal, his videos are great!
EvE Related website: Probably Kuan Yida’s Blog, (Hi, Kuan!)
EvE related podcast: I don’t listen to any.
Null Sec Alliance: Black Legion. o7
Type of fleet to FC: Battleship slugfests with non-capital logistics.
Wartarget to shoot: Shalee Lianne! or Flyinghotpocket of course.
Corpse: Shalee Lianne’s. Speaking of, please give it back, Shalee??? ):
EvE Online Forum: Don’t spend too much time on forums.

Thank you for your time. Any parting thoughts?

Me love AUTOZ long time. Also, if anyone wants to see a really creative Drake fit designed for fighting Predator’s nano-gangs that Bahamut420 came up with, just send me a mail. ;D


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