TMFED Declares War.

The Imperial Fedaykin [TMFED] of Amarr Militia has recently declared war upon the alliance, Electus Matari.

When asked why they wardecced EM, Predator Elite said, “We didnt like them providing neutral reps and only engaging TMFED on their terms.”

Electus Matari (EM), a community of immersionist roleplayers, has long supported the Minmatar Militia by providing a prize fund to the most active TLF pilots and corps that acquire victory points. Also, EM frequently visits the Amarr/Minmatar war zone to offer fleet support.

EM has been at war with PIE inc, an RP-Amarr FW corp for several years now.

“Well, we’re always happy to have the chance to shoot more Amarrian slavers,” said Gotti of Lutinari Syndicate, one of the corporations that make up EM.  “Them deccing us means we’re doing our job. We would happily be in the TLF, if it didnt cost us our alliance to do it.”

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