Interview: Flyinghotpocket, Amarr FC

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. How long have you been playing EvE?

I started playing in Quantim Rise.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia?

I lived in wormhole for a year, did 0.0 for six months and some piracy. My beginning days were as a carebear.

When and why did you first join FW?

Exodus break of 2009 I joined militia. I joined because I told my best EvE friend Missy Lorelai I’d join the militia with him one day. I got on exodus break and decided it was time to pvp in EvE.

What is your most memorable experience in FW?

The Arzad blood bath on either side of militia, frigate fighting/cruiser fighting. No faggotry fights, no faction cruisers, no bbs, just t1 ships t1 mods.

What factions have you flown under?

Minmatar and Amarr.

Briefly tell of your experiences in each faction and why you now fly with Amarr over the others.

Minmatar militia is the most elitest militia I’ve been in. You have complete noobs, and then good pvpers who will never fly with anybody who can’t fly a hurricane, namely IFW and Ross. Created an intel channel. Went through corp merge upon corp merge until we finally landed in our best corp in Minmatar, Filthy Franchise. It was a merger of about eight corps, some of them were ex- Gallentee militia.

After joining Amarr, the more skilled pilots in Amarr militia, and superior Amarrian ship builds work together way better than the Minmatar ship fleet styles.

I fly with Amarr now because it fits my style of pvp. Where Minmatar militia fights like they are in 0.0, Amarr fights the way I like, super tanky and all depending on your ROF to win.

Joined amarr after the FF merged into AA and our terms in the merging contract were not honored, not to mention they were complete noobs. We decided to go green on green, purple on purple, and switch sides to bring them to their end.

How hard was it to gain trust from other pilots after switching sides?

Extremely hard. For the first month the House Theodolous was looked at by the Amarr militia as traitors. At first, all the roleplayers gave Gabreil Theodolous a lot of flak about taking in Minmatar to his house. A lot of the amarr militia distrusted us. We were banned from vent for a long time, and denied all the intel channels.

After that first month we started becoming more well recived after we were shown in the top ten corp killers of the month.

Predator Elite made an intel channel and invited all the House to be in it, saying that Amarr militia have been holding members out of vent and intel because they thought they were tratiors. (I remember him saying this on vent.)

After the House made an offensive move into Vard, (which was the filthy franchises old home) all of us basically retook our old station. TRIAD put up a relatively good fight to defend Vard but we smashed them in every fight except two..

After that we were put on the map in Militia as the holders of Vard.

You participate in plexing and system capturing, what makes you think it is a worthwhile endeavor?

The best fights come out of plex fighting. You can have some faggotry stuff in medium plexs and such like blackbirds, but you can’t get super faggotry like scorpions or widows in there, so the limited ship fighting is much funner to have.

Small gang fights are funner. What you ACTUALLY do matters in plex fights, vs going to 0.0 and pressing f1.

What would you change about plexing in FW?

Create more plex’s, ones that allow interdictors in cruiser plexs. Medium plexs allow t1 crusiers, majors go straight from t1 to both t2 and t3. Remove the t3 from major restricted becons.

I have always loved EVE’s roleplaying a bit. I would like to see plexs that give a bonus if you’re inside it in your own militia’s ship type. Both enemy militia and friendly militia would get the same bonus to fight in plex in there own factions ship, thus being stronger than the pirates, discouraging them to attack us, and encouraging us to fight more in Amarr ships. Likewise, it would encourage the other races to fly their own ships.

There needs to be rewards for plexing. Make sov actually mean you can’t dock in hostile space, or your get LP’s for plexing, etc.

Change it so that plexs respawn not only at downtime. Either respawn after an hour of capping a plex or every six hours, a quarter of the plexs respawn.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support?

Hate them. I will gladly GCC alt spies and loki boosters. Mother fuckers can’t fight in militia honorably with their alts, they have to have them out so they have gate gun protection. Same thing here, you only get bonus’s from your alt being in militia.

I’m a firm believer in caps should be out of militia and would only consider outside cap support to destroy a militia superior cap fleet.

Who do you admire in Amarr FW?

The oldest players in the game are in this militia, and they aren’t rude, usually.

Which of your opponents do you most admire?

The ones that don’t think the need 3+ guys to kill me solo.

How long have you been an FC?

Since after the first month of joining Minmatar militia.

I’m target calling in this one, most of players that where in this video have now switched to the Amarr militia with me.

What do you consider the most difficult part of FCing? 

Getting enough players mostly. I fly with dedicated people who are largely competent, but getting enought to fight the Minmatar only one on five is very hard.

What types of gangs do you most enjoy FCing? 

Minor, medium plexing fleets. When roaming, lots of harbingers, but I mostly plex.

What advice would you give to someone who is just coming into Amarr FW?

People start giving you shit, block them. 1377 people I have blocked.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who is an up-and-coming FC?

Confidence confidence confidence. Be strong and have an understanding on how your fleet members think. Don’t let your fleet-mates get scared and start running even though the fight is even.


Ship to fly: Harbinger
FW System: Dal
EvE celebrity: Sammater
EvE Related website: Just youtube
Null Sec Alliance: CVA
Wartarget to shoot: Missy Lorelai
Corpse: Missy Lorelai
EvE Online Forum: The ones with raging/roleplaying
Space Station: The Jita station
Song to fly to: Ghost Division, by Sabaton

Thank you for your time. Any parting thoughts?

Just train for Amarr, the other ships are broken by default.

2 Responses to “Interview: Flyinghotpocket, Amarr FC”

  1. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Wow he sure does love himself.

  2. Vordak Kallager Says:

    He forgets the part where he back-stabbed all of his friends in AUTOZ by shooting Corpmates, Militia mates and blues just because he didn’t come out of the merger as the Supreme Commander in the corporation. It was meant to be a directorate-led corporation and it is still a directorate-led corporation. There was no dishonoring of the Merger agreements.

    IFW and ROSS were never as Elitist as he claims; they simply didn’t like him and his cronies because he is an arrogant prick. The rest of AUTOZ has got along fine with IFW and ROSS and the rest of the minmatar “Elitists” now that he is gone.

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