Interview: Susan Black, Minmatar

How long have you been playing EvE?

I’ve been playing even for nearly four years, though I took a couple breaks here and there.

What attracted you to the game?

My brother first got me into the game. I had never played an MMO before. I was hooked pretty quickly.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia?

I have actually spent more time in 0.0 than in faction war. I was in Federation of Freedom

Fighters during the tail end of the Max campaign, and then during most of the duration of Aggression. I also spent some time in Systematic-Chaos. By that point, I was getting really burned out on the big time 0.0 warfare and decided to ‘retire’ to empire and do some wardecs on my own. Ironically, it was a pirate named Lukka that eventually got me into faction war. After I soundly lost a 1 vs 1 to him, we kept in contact, and I was introduced to some of the guys that would eventually be Locus Industries.

What is your most memorable experience in FW?

There was one particular battle where a small Locus gang and a triage carrier took on some other capitals. I believe we killed a carrier and 3 dreads before they ran. We were so outnumbered, and every member of our fleet was utilized to the max. It’s really fun winning a fight due to great tactics, rather than just blobbing things.

What factions have you flown under? Briefly tell of your experiences in each faction and why you now fly with Minmatar over the others.

I’ve flown in every militia except for Gallente.

Amarr was my first experience with militia, and I was in it for over a year. I made some really good friends and acquaintances in both Amarr and Minmatar during that time.

Joining Caldari was a lot different. The Gallente blobbed big time, and we hard a hard time finding good small gang fights. I think most people were somewhat bored, and it didn’t last long.
I recently joined Minmatar after fooling around in 0.0 for a while. I decided to join up with some old friends, and so far it’s been fun.

In all honesty, I don’t really consider myself as flying ‘under’ a militia. Militia is just a way for us to make money, and attract more targets. We do a lot of other stuff as well, including 0.0 roams, and piracy. In my corporation, most of us are willing to go -10.

Do you participate in plexing and system capturing? Do you think it is a worthwhile endeavor?

Huh? I don’t shoot buildings or little red Xs.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support?

Alt Spies – Waste of time, unless used primarily to laugh at people and troll

Neutral Alts – I don’t mind GCCing on someone’s neutral alt.

Outside cap support — Meh. If it makes the game more fun for you, go for it. I’ll stick to my cane, thanks.

Who do you admire in Minmatar FW?

Galdornae is the best prober-outer I know. Oh yeah, he pvps too.

Also, I don’t know Bahamut420 the best, but he soloed a dramiel, a slicer, and then got a cynabal into armor while flying a solo rupture. All so he could undock his logi to come rep my baiting ass on the station. So he’s cool too.

Which of your opponents do you most admire?

I think that anyone who is willing to engage us in a pretty decent, fair fight I’d give a +1. The people who complain in local about getting blobbed, then run away from every decent fight or drop battleships onto tech 1 cruisers don’t really get any brownie points from me.

What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are as a pilot?

Strengths – I’m not afraid to try new tactics, new ships, etc. If it sounds interesting, I’ll do it. Also, when I make a decision about something, I jump in with both feet.

Weaknesses – I don’t really find myself good at solo pvp. I don’t know if that’s because I suck at it or people like to blob me, or what.

Any particular killmails and/or loss mails you are especially proud or embarrassed of?
Proud of:

This was a pretty awesome fight. We were outnumbered and there were a lot more capitals on their side, so we had to utilize every guy in our gang to the max. It was a lot of fun.

Embarrassed of: Most of my embarrassing losses, are probably from years ago, when I was still learning pvp. I don’t think I could find a killmail link if I tried, and they’re not super embarrassing because everyone has to learn somewhere.

I do remember attacking a carrier in my caracal once though. I didn’t know what carrier’s were at the time. My FC, and gang laughed heartily at me.

Describe what it’s like being one of the 4% of females on EvE. Discuss both the perks and disadvantages.

Oh, you know. The first time on a corp’s coms is usually pretty fun. People freak out, and you think they’d never heard a girl’s voice before.

Lots of times people will give you free handouts—ships, isk, etc. Then there’s the occasional schmuck who harasses you a bit more than you’d like.

I think that’s the reason I loved flying with Locus…and Gunship, and now KA POW POW. They don’t treat me much differently. I get lots of free ships, sure, but it’s not more than they give to anyone else in corp. We’re practically socialists these days. Also, if I do something stupid, they still yell at me. If I fit something like crap, they still harass me about it. Especially Galdornae.

He’ll outright tell me when I died stupidly, or did something dumb. But, they also don’t blink an eye at me being bait, bringing serious ships to the fight, or relying on me for stuff.

I still remember getting on Locus voice coms the first time. It was just kind of “meh, whatever. Get in fleet, we’re about to engage something. “ LOL

How long have you been blogging about EvE? (also link to your blog please) I’ve been blogging since January, so quite a few months. I’m not a role-player by any stretch of the imagination, and mostly write about funny fleets stories, how to make billions, you know…that sort of thing.

What do you enjoy most about FW, and how do you think FW varies from flying in o.o?

FW and 0.0 are like night and day. FW is all low-sec pvp, so there are no bubble camps, etc. Also, you tend to shoot the same people over and over again in FW, where you hardly get to know your enemies in 0.0.

As far as what I like in FW…probably the small gang warfare. No matter how blobby each side says the other is, it’s all small compared to what I was involved with in 0.0.

What types of gangs do you most like to fly in?

Small corp gangs are the best. Small gangs in general.


Ship to fly: Hurricane
FW System: uh…depends on the day. If I get 15 kills in Kourm, it’s usually my favorite for the moment.
EvE celebrity: ?
EvE Related website: Killboards, and Battleclinic
Null Sec Alliance: AN EYE FOR AN EYE They are my home away from home
Wartarget to shoot: All of them
Corpse: I don’t like corpses!
EvE Online Forum: I read the Trade forums a lot
Space Station: Huola TOP
Song to fly to: The sound of my turrets firing…lol. I don’t really fly to music.
Way to make ISK: Ripping people off

Thank you for the interview.

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