Civil War Within Minmatar ‘Late Nite’

Galatica789 of Autocannons Anonymous, [AUTOZ], is at the center of an inner-militia conflict which has caused KA POW POW Inc [K.POW] to declare war on [AUTOZ].

The trouble began in July when Galatica789 was accused of being a loot whore, seen on this kill mail against Mystical Might of the Amarr Militia.

Galatica789 said ‘no one asked for it back’ and that he ‘would have given it back if asked.’

Galdornae of [K.POW] claims since the incident, Galatica789 continued to ‘steal faction loot’ and that the Late Nite fleet tired of his ‘obnoxious behavior’ and decided to do something about it.

During a Late Nite fleet, Galdornae, Muskells, and Susan Black attacked Galatica789’s drake after it had moved off of gate, though were unable to break his tank because a friendly scimitar was on field repping.

The following day, Muskells attempted to alpha Galatica789’s daredevil which lead to Galatica789 later showing up in an engagement between pirates and [K.POW]. Galatica789’s point on Muskell’s Armageddon Navy Issue resulted in 650,114,000 ISK loss as shown here. 

[K.POW] declared war.

Diplomatic steps were taken by Galdornae, hoping to end the war without combat. M0220h quickly vetoed the suggestion that Galatica789 be removed from [AUTOZ], though initially he did agree to reimbursement of the ANI, asking for time to gather the payment.

Upon acceptance of the agreement, [K.POW] agreed to retract the war.

Shortly after, Missy Lorelai of [AUTOZ] contacted Muskells and Manos Kdo, stating that he would set up Galatica789 in the Lulm system so that Muskells could gank him.

Expecting a trap, Muskells entered into the system fitted with a cyno on his sleipnir.

As predicted, [AUTOZ] did point Muskells and engage him. Cynos were lit, bringing in a Moros and a Nidhoggur followed by a support fleet.

Galdornae and Manos [K.POW] jumped in two thanatos in retaliation.

As the [K.POW] sleipnir was lost, more of militia joined the field.

A combined fleet of Minmatar Late Nite and an Amarr Militia Black Ops fleet joined the fight, also dropping a revelation into the midst.

The Minmatar and Amarr battle reports can be seen here.

Galatica789 stated, “Well, [K.POW] isn’t powerful enough to take on [AUTOZ] alone. They bit off more than they could chew, and that is why they had to call in Amarr. They got tossed around by a more superior corp and was forced to turn to the enemies to help bring down our carrier. Without Amarr intervention, there would be dead [K.POW] thannies and pest fleet issues.”

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