Interview: EvE Uni FC, PinkKnife

Thank you for the interview. To start with, tell us about EVE University.

E-Uni is probably the largest and most well known eve beginner corporation. We have anywhere from 1600-2000 active members enrolled in the uni at any one given time. We offer a great amount of perks that we give new players, we have audio classes you can listen to, we offer discounted ship production prices, skillbook reimbursement, PVP ship loss reimbursement, and a bunch of others. Check out wiki if you want a whole list of all the perks.

Why did you join EVE Uni and what is your role within the corporation? 

I joined because I was looking for a good corporation to learn the game with. Since then I’ve been moved up to an XO position of my respective timezone (5:00 to 11:00). I’ve led a good amount of fleets, and have become somewhat of a known character in the uni, at least so I’m told. I recently started teaching classes as well.

How long did it take for you to become a teacher?

I only recently came to feel comfortable enough teaching a class in the uni. A lot of other people feel they want to give back to the uni for all the perks we get, so they jump right in. Students eventually kept coming to me asking to look over their bomber fits and such. I ended up rewritting the uniwiki on the stealth bomber, and felt I might as well teach a class on it as well.

Describe what it’s like being one of the 4% of females on EvE. Discuss both the perks and disadvantages.

It is definitely an interesting experience, I’ve been on the fun end of recieving some nice perks and gifts simply by playing the helpless girl card. On the other hand, I’m forced to listen to people say I don’t exist, and endless offensive remarks due to my gender. It seems the internet is a great place for any small minded, (or otherwise lesser endowed) male to vent his frustration about women. Alternatively, I’ve seen and gotten a lot of respect in the university, all of my complaints have been taken seriously, and its good to hear praise from other good pilots and recognition from the higher ups. So, eve has shown me how awesome it can be in a good corp that doesn’t care I’m female, but it has also shown me how childish and immature eve, and the internet at large can be at times.

How long does a recruit usually stay in EVE Uni? 

On average three months. I’ve been here around eight months, and I’ve seen two large waves of turn over.

What all can a new pilot learn from EVE Uni?

Basically, most of the core aspects of eve. we do mining lectures, industry classes, we frequently run PVP fleets, incursion fleets, we have an extensive audio class library open to anyone who wants to go through it. We teach some advanced classes, but by the time most uni’s get to that point they are already out of the uni and onto a null sec corp to experience soverign and nullsec. We do nullsec runs as well.

How often does EVE Uni bring fleets to the Faction War Zones? 

The Uni doesn’t actively participate in faction warfare, so if we do drop by its normally to try and score some PVP kills against pirates or other -10s. We don’t really pay attention to whether it is a faction zone or not, more simply if we can kill things there.

What is EVE Uni’s rules of engagements?

In empire space we run NRDS, so even in lowsec we are not a shoot first corporation. While we can engage -5’s and -10s in lowsec, since out pilots on average have less than 6M skill points, we are less likely to engage on a gate and take gate fire. We can, but we don’t like to. In Nullsec we run a restricted NBSI. Our only restrictions on it are industrial assets, and traveling shuttles and pods. However if we feel a pilot is hanging around, it is understandable if they end up on our killboard.

How often is EVE Uni involved in war decs against militia corporations?

Not terribly often, recently we had a second war against Ice Fire Warriors/Blacksite Prophecy, but other than them most of our opponents are faildecs and greifers. Rarely do we get an honestly good fight.

Does EVE Uni ever mix fleets with outside corporations/alliances? 

We do, but out ROE forbides us from doing so in PVP fleets, so unless it is high sec mission running, wormhole space or incursions we rarely ever mix fleets. When we do mix fleets, it is done on the knoweledge that we cannot defend blues if they are engaged.

How would a new pilot join EVE Uni?

Just apply to it. We are always openly recruiting. Contact one of our recruitment officers, or just apply through the corporation info.

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