-AAA- Visits Kourmonen


The month of September started off with a bang as a late night battleship fleet escalated into several cap kills and a four billion loss for the Minmatar militia.

The skirmish started on the Huola gate in Kourmonen as a combined Minmatar and Gallente fleet engaged the Amarr.

Cynos were lit, bringing in a trio of carriers; Predator Elite’s archon, followed by Daemonde Ardishapur and Almity’s dreadnaughts.

Aldrith Shutaq and then Esna Pitoojee soon joined the fight in archons.

The Minmatar were quickly neuting out Amarrian carriers until Against All Authorities were cynoed in, hotdropping more than thirteen super caps.

Hans Jagerblitzen’s Nidhoggur, Bahamut420’s Archon, and Predator Elite’s Archon was destroyed along with more than half of the Minmatar fleet.

The kill reports can be found here(Amarr) and here(Minmatar).

4 Responses to “-AAA- Visits Kourmonen”

  1. Pathetic. The battle (I was sadly not present) looked to be a fairly even matchup, even an Amarr advantage, until the super carrier hot drop. Kudos to the Amarr for setting a new standard of bringing a bazooka to a knife fight.

  2. Vordak Kallager Says:

    This kind of shit is why I don’t play anymore, GG.
    I can’t count the number of times Amarr has used Neutral Supers on us on one hand anymore.

    And no, not butthurt, just sad that people think it is beneficial and fun to ruin FW with stuff like this.

  3. It appears Susan Blacks own write up on this incident has elicited a lot of personally directed hate mail. I think this is getting out of hand.



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