Interview: First General, Amarr FC

How long have you been playing EvE?
From the beginning.

What attracted you to the game?
Always been a sci-fi fan – spaceships of course.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia?
Pretty much everything!

What do you think of Captain’s Quarters?
I think CCP often has great artistic and creative ideas – CQ is one of those ideas. But in their youth like enthusiasm they forget practicality and applicability for their customers. CQ is a very good example for that, since for example, i would turn CQ on if i was only running one client, but since i never run less than 3 clients my rather powerful PC can’t handle multiple CQ’s.

What are some of your most memorable experiences in FW? 
There are a few, ranging from small gang fights which go perfectly because every pilot in the gang is at his A-Game to times when the pieces of a plan to kill super capitals fall together in perfect harmony. (referring to the three session change super capitals we successfully got killed a while ago).

Do you participate in plexing and system capturing? Do you think it is a worthwhile endeavor? 
I only wish occupancy had some kind of effect on the side that holds it. As in free repairs, cheaper LP store, negative effect on enemy ships, positive effect on friendly ships…there are a few and would expand the tactical options of fights and possibility of fights much further.

What makes FW awesome? 
The fact that it’s no full-time worrisome job like 0.0. You can undock and have fun, as simple as that.

What do you wish CCP would change about FW? 
There are so many great suggestions that have already been made through the various threads on the forums, the prioritization list – for my part I’d simply love to see the use of combat super capitals in FW zones made impossible. It would make for much more ballsy and complex capital fights than what we currently have – as opposed to the only goal being to get as many enemy capitals on the field as possible and then just ring the “hot-drop-o’clock” bell.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support? 
I’ll take the liberty of adopting Ammon Dei’s view on this whom you’ve recently interviewed as well. He says “alt spies make you weak”. I entirely agree with this opinion although I’ll add to it that it sometimes becomes necessary to have them because of super capital usage. As I’ve stated before, I’d love to see the militia’s have to be content with their own capital power. As far as neutral alts for bonuses go, everybody does it and i don’t think there’s a way around it.

Who do you admire in Amarr FW? 
Shalee of course. *chuckles*. She always brings Abaddon’s for my fleets! *grins some more*

Which of your opponents do you most admire? 
I really don’t have a crush on anyone, sorry.

What do you think of mixed fleets? (Minmatar/Amarr, etc) 
Been there, done that in Caldari, a lot as a matter of fact. It took me a while to become an established Caldari militia FC, but once i had earned the respect from the more senior Gallente FC’s, we always teamed up to take on entities that we would have not been able to take on by ourselves. I am, of course, very willing to do the same with minmatar militia should the need for it arise.

What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are as a pilot? 
My strength and my weakness are one and the same – I am a perfectionist. I expect everything to always work perfectly and get irritated when it doesn’t. This usually irritates people – thanks to everyone who puts up with me despite my being grumpy when things don’t go according to plan *winks*

What types of gangs do you most like to fly in?
The gang that is perfect for a given job.

What advice would you give to someone joining Amarr militia? 
Join Minmatar militia instead, we need more people to shoot!

Briefly tell of your experiences in each faction and why you now fly with Amarr over the others. 
I started FC’ing for caldari militia when I-BS had outlived its best days and the CDI had broken into shambles. It was a mess to say the least and it took a lot of effort and good people to get up to par with the Gallente militia at that time who outnumbered us, outgunned us and had fatter wallets than we had – the resurrection happened under the banner of Wolfsbrigade.

The Empress’ dashing smile naturally convinced me to sign our corporation up to fight for the Empire. *laughs*. In all seriousness, Amarr was the obvious choice, having been in Caldari it would be easy to adapt standing wise and we didn’t really want to go back, plus the minmatar seemed to give good fights to the Amarr on a regular basis – it would also allow us if the need be to go into Black Rise and fight Gallente Militia.

How long have you been an FC? 
I reached my pinnacle in hours FC’ed/Day somewhere at the end of 2010. I had already FC’ed quite a bit before, but at the end of 2010 when Caldari Militia rose again from its ashes i must have FC’ed somwhere around 10 hours a day on average. Unfortunately I’m to busy at work at the moment to get back to that.

What do you consider the most difficult part of FCing? 
I hate to boss people around in a game, it is however quite necessary for the job.

What is the worst thing you’ve done as an FC?
Died before the rest of my fleet did – i hate to die before my pilots do.

What types of gangs do you most enjoy FCing? 
I’ll enjoy FC’ing any gang that has pilots that are 200% committed to both me and the objective we’re pursuing.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who is an up-and-coming FC? 
Fly in an experienced and good FC’s gang. Memorize what he does, understand what he does. Then go out there and emulate him 23 hours a day for a couple of weeks. Doesn’t even matter if he’s an upcoming FC or a complete greenhorn, if he acts, projects and speaks confidence he’ll succeed in the long run. He’ll make mistakes and he’ll lose ships in the short run but that’s all natural and necessary on the way to greatness. The crucial part of it is to understand mistakes, to internalize them, come up with a solution in order to not have them happen again and voilà. You’ll be a great FC in no time, just do it.


Ship to fly: Abaddon.
Wartarget To Shoot: my Mega Pulse II’s are justice – all war targets are equal under their fire.
Corpse: not into necrophilia.
Space Station: None really.
Song To Fly To: depends on my mood.
Way To Make ISK: Minmatar Slave labor of course. *laughs*
Ammo: Conflagration L.
Pirate Corp: RnK / Tuskers / Ninja Unicorns because they always fight and have the balls to lose.
Drone: Einherji.

Thank you for the interview. Any parting thoughts? 
Thank you for interviewing me. Let’s hope the Minmatar keep their thrashers docked and will come for a great many more proper fights.

One Response to “Interview: First General, Amarr FC”

  1. Oh, the memories… I can practically hear FG’s voice reading this, especially the FCing advice. (Comes from the fact that I had to ask him a dozen times before it really sank in, but I digress.)

    Shalee, don’t worry – I know we never run into each other in-game anymore, but I’m doing my best to get up to speed here, honest! In the meantime, best of luck hunting WTs, and maybe we’ll see each other in a fleet someday!

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