Interview: Eran Mintor, Amarr FC

How long have you been playing EvE? 
I first started playing EVE in late 2005 as a Gallente combat pilot in a mining corp from Orion. Following two bad run-ins with pirates (the PVP kind), I quit because I felt the game was too harsh for my newbiness. I was drawn back to EVE and in late December 2007, inspired by pirates such as flashfresh and other bloggers, I created Eran Mintor with the intention of being a pirate.

What attracted you to the game? 
What attracted me to the game initially was the concept of flying in space, which amazes me with its real unknowns and beauty. Looking for something like Freelancer but better, I stumbled onto EVE. What attracts me now is the complexity of combat and tactics involved, but more importantly, the social aspect of the game, which keeps me around.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia? 
I’m not sure there is an aspect I haven’t tried. I’ve tried the hi/lo/null-sec pirate & anti-pirate angle, the carebear approach (mining and industry/trading included), wormholes, null-sec alliance CTAs, and even tried to lead a coalition of alliances into null-sec once (though I did most of it while still in Minmatar militia and I failed miserably at it). Militia has always been the most fun to me because it opens many more PVP opportunities to a pilot while still being “laid back” in nature.

What are some of your most memorable experiences in FW?
One of my most memorable experiences would be the battle over Arzad when I was in the Minmatar militia. Somehow, RPer’s on both sides of Amarr/Minmatar militias were able to convince regular PVPers to care about plexes, which led to heated fights in Arzad for over a month, some lasting for hours with constant fighting in multiple plexes. Probably the most hectic but exciting times I’ve had as a FW pilot and FC.

Some others would be… Titan bridging with Too Ducky onto ‘the united.’ in Rancer and other jump bridgings (and hearing him freak over comms while accidentally warping the Avatar to Amamake gate), killing a freighter and escort that decided to GCC on me in Labapi, anchoring “propoganda” cans in Huola/Kourmonen/Auga while being ‘raged’ at and accused of exploiting by the Minmatar, fighting 5 corps/alliances in addition to both hostile militias during the early days of KotMC, the ‘drama-bomb’ in Minmatar militia when Heretics left militia and went full-pirate in Amamake, the short-lived but highly anticipated war of LOCUS vs. KotMC in which the goal was to “make Eran quit EVE”, killing the Sansha carrier back in Saidusairos while disregarding orders from an Amarr Admiral CCP actor :S, the other CCP actor in Ebolfer going over 4km/s in a Vindicator (omghax) but dying anyways after a little smack in local and Rapier lovin’ from Nephilim (gfgf), changing sides to Amarr militia and the fun & interesting times after, and meeting Shalee

Do you participate in plexing and system capturing? Do you think it is a worthwhile endeavor? 
Yes, though I did it more in the past. I do think it’s still a worthwhile endeavor, but the trick is both convincing your people to plex (and thereby present a target for PVPers), and getting the apathetic enemies to care about their plexes/systems/PVP enough to undock and fight on a consistent basis. People get discouraged when they don’t get a fight, so it is easy to lose momentum for any militia plexing-wise.

What makes FW awesome? 
To me, FW is awesome because of the relatively small warfare and variety of targets available. It’s also very laid-back since it’s much like an alliance without the structure-meaning there’s less to worry about (bills, diplomacy, etc.). Each corp fends for itself and are free to do as they please, but intra-militia policing is a fairly common action if corporations “step out of line” from the perspective of the major militia corporations. Sometimes there’s bullying, but things always seem to work out one way or another. One does not have to worry about the militias collapsing like you would with alliances, either.

What do you wish CCP would change about FW?
I wish CCP would alter he way FW mechanics change system occupancy, and also revamp the plexes completely so that they need to be completed with more thought, and not a simple speed tanker. Rewards for goals like flipping systems and capturing plexes beyond standings should be created to encourage more plexing (and therefore more PVP due to plexes). Small amounts of LP for captures is just one simple suggestion that would make a huge positive improvement.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support? 
Well at this point I’m used to it and expect it, always. My feelings towards it are less than positive, but people do what is needed to achieve their goals, and often go over what is needed to the point the term “over-kill” can be applied. Neutral bonuses, spies, and outside “friends” are pretty common all across EVE and have to be something you prepare for. All is fair in love and war but I try to stray from over-kill when possible; it doesn’t always make sense tactically but I play the game to have fun. Though sometimes people deserve to be slaughtered once in a while

Who do you admire in Amarr FW? 
Shalee Lianne for putting up with the Amarr Militia and being our princess! ❤
Swatty and Mystical Mouse for being generally bad-ass pilots (though Mysti’s trolling is sub-par and not impressive)
Predator Elite, zero2espect, Nephilim Xeno, and Condor Amarr for being long-standing FC’s
Also FirstGeneral gets mention for being an awesome FC new to the Amarr Militia
Hidden Q, the Pirate Prince of Metropolis
RTSAvalance for being a super chill and nice guy, and also being more daring with shiny ships than anyone else in the militia

Which of your opponents do you most admire? 
Galdornae, Manos Kdo, and Dagren Darius are all good PVPers that I respect. There’s a lot of neutrals out there I respect too but I’ll be careful not to name them as an “opponent”

What do you think of mixed fleets? (Minmatar/Amarr, etc) 
I’m not crazy about them, but if it makes sense and there is some level of trust, I can be willing and will honor my word. I usually need a good reason to convince me that siding with people who’re supposed to be considered “arch-enemies” is a good idea. Most of the Minmatar guys are chill so it’s nothing personal; from a tactical standpoint though, one has to be careful. I’ve also had my share of experiences with traps from such fleets.

What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are as a pilot? 
Weaknesses : Can’t tell you them all, but Kryptonite and Garlic might be worth a try.
Strengths : I am a pretty average pilot, honestly, so the only thing I would say is my extended time in EVE and PVPing means I know slightly more about PVP than a two-day noob

What types of gangs do you most like to fly in? 
Any and all of them but corp fleets are my favorite. They’re my corpies for a reason Black Ops are fun too and easy for lazy people (me) if you sit back with the Black Ops battleships

What advice would you give to someone joining Amarr militia? 
Learn patience and try your hand at solo to make yourself look like less of a spy. After a bit of effort you will be accepted to general fleets and can then get in on the real action.

Briefly tell of your experiences in each faction and why you now fly with Amarr over the others. 
I joined the Minmatar militia after many months pirating and exploring EVE. FW had just come out and I, like many others, rushed to try it out. My time in Minmatar militia was when I first learned to FC, around the middle of my EVE “career”. MirrorGod, general beanflicker, and a few others were the main FC’s in Minmatar militia when FW first took off, and I learned by studying MirrorGod and other’s fleets. When he (Mirror) turned pirate against the Minmatar I stepped up to start leading more often out of necessity. Overall, I’d say the Minmatar had some good pilots and FC’s back then, some still being around. There were a lot of attempts being made in the beginning at creating some tangible structure in the Minmatar militia, like an un-official alliance. It always ended poorly though, and to this day the Minmatar militia is still very loosely organized. FC’s are more of guide than a commander which can be both a good and bad thing.

I joined the Amarr militia after making some friends here and deciding I would rather fly with them than anything else. They happened to be in Amarr militia, so I figured out a way to make it work, granted it brought with it a lot of loathing from people on all sides My time here has been interesting; coming from the supposed enemy and meeting the people who used to kill, and still despised me. It’s been fun as well; more so than my time while in the Minmatar militia and mainly because of the friendships I’ve developed. My time in the Amarr militia has ranged from being considered a fail spy to an average FC. There are always the share of asshats like in any militia/corporation/alliance, but it seems like it always gets sorted.

How hard was it to gain trust from other pilots after switching sides? 
It was pretty hard. Almost everyone thought I was a spy. Thankfully Shalee Lianne stuck up for me which helped a lot, I think. I still had trouble getting into fleets though, and for a couple of months I would fly around and report intel in militia chat, killing what I could and trying to help the fleets I wasn’t allowed in. I understood why I was excluded, so I didn’t mind all that much and actually enjoyed it sometimes. It’s like being left in the dark without a flashlight and trying to find your way out; sometimes you run into interesting things on the way

How long have you been an FC? 
Over two years now. FCing is not something I do constantly though as I get burn myself out every now and then.

What do you consider the most difficult part of FCing? 
Finding the patience and self-determination/motivation to continue fleets is the most difficult. It’s very easy to give up FCing, especially when you first start as it can be overwhelming, but as you continue it can really wear you down. The learning curve is also very steep to go from a fleet member to FC, however, people can help you with that and you can and will discover many things the more you FC and research/test things.

What types of gangs do you most enjoy FCing? 
Small gangs of 10 or so. I like to be able to know all of my pilots-their abilities and their reactions. I don’t mind larger fleets but they take more focus to keep track of everyone and get people organized. It can get tiring as well if you have to teach people while you are FCing, but it’s sometimes necessary and I don’t mind it as long as people are also patient and understanding with me

What kind of advice would you give to someone who is an up-and-coming FC? 
Don’t get discouraged when you lose; instead try to analyze and learn from your mistakes. Start small and cheap and work your way up as you learn and gain more confidence. Study other FC’s by flying in their fleets, scan forums for interesting things from other good FC’s/PVPers like Lord Maldoror (Rooks & Kings FC), and don’t be afraid to take risks every now-and-again. Fly solo for a while; it’s the best way to learn PVP and gain knowledge about things you may overlook while FCing (scanning, etc.) without solo experience.


Ship to fly: Hurricane/Harbinger or Panther; depends
FW System: Kurniainen
EvE Celebrity: Shalee Lianne. Chribba’s cool too xD
EvE Related Website: anything other than fucking fukung
Null Sec Alliance: I love to shoot them all, PL especially
Wartarget To Shoot: there’s a few I get a kick out of killing but nobody gives me a kick more than Sasawong because of how much he hates me for turning sides . No hard feelings, Sasa ❤
Corpse: Shalee Lianne’s, so I can make sure people like Torus Nunn don’t get it ^^
EvE Online Forum: Warfare & Tactics
Space Station: Yrmori IV – Moon 17 – Core Complexion Inc. Factory
Song To Fly To:
Way To Make ISK: from other people; ransoms are king
Ammo: Crystals, ‘cuz they’re so easy to reload and carry
Pirate Corp: BANE right now ‘cuz they be letting me kill their Widows xD

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