Amarr and Caldari Militia’s Sink Pandemic Legion Archon in Amamake

By: Eran Mintor

On the first monday of September, a combined Amarr and Caldari fleet (48) formed with the intention of killing a Pandemic Legion capital ship. Knowing that PL could very quickly outnumber and outgun the militias, black-ops was used to exact a quick assault at one of PL’s own towers.

PL very recently made their base of operations in Amamake, with cyno’s and titan bridges active throughout the day. We (the Amarr/Caldari) had initially hoped when forming that we’d be bait PL to drop some capitals on a gate or belt, however with only a handful of “non-cloakies” as bait, it was soon realized it was unlikely capitals would be droped on such a small fleet.

The combined fleet re-located several times until it was decided we would hit Amamake. Scouts were sent out, and the “non-cloakies” held on an Amamake gate; Two harbingers, one maller, one crusader, and one crucifier. One harbinger was sent into Amamake top belt and a recon reported the Osoggur gates cleared. Eventually the POS’s were scouted; our last remaining hope was that we could find an AFK or clueless capital ship outside the shields and would kamikaze a few bombers to kill it. A Nyx, two Archons, an Avatar, Machariel, and various other ships were on scan inside the POS’.

The recon scouted both POS’, reported all ships inside the shields, then without warning, a cyno appeared on the planet VI – M2 POS. After the recon reported a Rapier as the PL cyno, the Amarr’s primary cyno ship warped to PL’s active cyno beacon at zero, dropping Amarr/Caldari cyno on contact.

At first, only about half of the nearly forty bombers jumped in. As they did, a PL Archon jumped in ontop of the cyno and the Rapier quickly died. Points and webs were called on the Archon as a Machariel inside the POS began to drift outside the shields.

Initial cyno died to the POS and assorted PL with still approximately half the bombers in the bridging system. Second cyno lit, and the rest of the Amarr/Caldari fleet eventually entered. The drawn out entry of bombers allowed the PL carrier more time to consider his options; as the rest of the bombers and black-ops entered, he entered triage in low armor. His now increased armor repair made it seem like it was going to be impossible to kill before the small artillery batteries from the POS popped too many of our bombers, eliminating our only way to kill him. However, we were still getting through his reps and chewing on structure for brief moments.

All ships aligned out and over-heated. Silence on comms was soon broken by cheers of joy and the order was given to warp off. With the fleet scattering, a PL Muninn was caught at the sun and quickly ganked. In the process, a Nyx, Machariel, Rapier, and Vagabond all warped on field. It was quickly decided we had done all we could with what we had, and the order was given to get safe.

The Amarr/Caldari fleet sustained about 15 losses, mostly bombers solo’d by the artillery guns of the POS, but the cyno ships and a few other non-cloakies met their demise as well. PL suffered an Archon, Muninn, and Rapier loss before reacting and bridging a faction battleship fleet back into system.

While the Amarr/Caldari militia’s have no desire to take PL on head-on, the assault was successful. For once, Pandemic Legion was the victim of a hot-drop.

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8 Responses to “Amarr and Caldari Militia’s Sink Pandemic Legion Archon in Amamake”

  1. It was epic.

  2. Andre Vauban Says:

    I wish we would have thought of something like this. Nice job.

  3. Excellent artical Eran. Was one of those moments I will rememeber for a very long time. I glad we had the balls to try something like this instead of hiding in a hole.

  4. Well done, sir. Well done.


    Please identify ANY Caldari militia in that 86 man fleet. I’m seeing 25 Gallente Militia but no Caldari.


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