Editorial: Shalee’s Response

The other day a couple of people were discussing blogs and complimented me on my ability to write for SovWars without being slanted to one side, saying that I was very fair in what I post.

I do try my best to post without being bias to my beloved Amarr, because as much as I care about Amarr, I equally care about all of Faction War.

I, like most of you who participate in FW believe that CCP has wholly neglected FW and my hopes that with this blog, that perhaps someone there might stumble across it and remember that there is more to EvE than nullsec blobbing.

I believe that Faction War is awesome and has the potential to become something great if they would give it the attention it deserves.

Someday, right?

Anyhow, back to the original point of this editorial. In our little pocket of EvE we’ve had a lot of drama recently in the blog’osphere, which has made for some interesting reading.

I want to point out a few things:

1) Sov Wars is mostly impartial. Meaning, that anything I post is usually factual, not ‘Shalee’ opinionated.

2)..however, I will post articles writen by others that are editorial. If someone submits an article, it is their opinion only, not necessarily the opinion of SovWars as a whole.

3) Susan Black’s blog is not meant to be editorial. She writes from her perspective, that of a Minmatar.

4) SovWars is not allowing Anonymous comments. If someone has something to say in regards to a post, then do it under your own name. If you’re going to rant, complain, whine, etc, then man up and put your name with it. I think it is far too easy for people to post under ‘Anonymous’ to try and make the public believe you’re writing for one side but you’re probably just attention whoring/trolling. There have been comments on Susan Black’s blog that seem to come from the Amarr, but I have my doubts.  I especially think it is someone trolling because anonymous alts are mailing me, asking me to ‘pay attention’ etc.

Trolls are everywhere. I would like to ask Susan to remove the Anonymous option for comments on her blog, force these trolls to admit who they are.

I want to thank everyone who reads and contributes to this blog and to Faction War as a whole.  If you want to submit an article, please EvE mail me.



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