Amarr Accidently Your SuperCap

(click picture out of game)

The Bleak Lands:  Smack the Pony Industries, a neutral alliance that has been hanging around Uusanen recently, suffered heavy losses tonight as Amarr militia destroyed a Nyx, Archon, Dominix Navy Issue, and Thanatos.

A general militia fleet lead by Predator Elite was asked to give assistance in Uusanen by Cryloud, claiming that the Pony Industries pilots had been griefing them for a while.

Twelve jumps away, Predator set course as Mystical Might (not with the fleet) arrived on scene and got hero-tackle on the Thanatos.

As the fleet arrived and spread points, the EOS was bumped out of rep range and was called primary.

As it died, the Thanatos GCCed itself due to smartbombs. As it hit half structure, the Nyx landed on field to ECM burst.

Points were lost and quicky regained.

The Thanatos died as the Archon was neuted, all the while as the fleet bumped the Nyx to keep it from aligning.

The Nyx went GCC due to smartbombs.

The archon died shortly after.

Finally, a heavy intidictor landed on field.

The Nyx popped ECM drones to jam tackle.

More heavy intidictors landed on field.

As the Nyx hit half armor, the pilot, Calyshia, logged.

Six minutes after logging, the Nyx was destroyed.

Three billion worth of loot remains unaccounted for…

2 Responses to “Amarr Accidently Your SuperCap”

  1. Dagren Darius Says:

    Great job guys I’m jealous only Nyx i got to shoot self-destructed be fore we could kill it.

  2. Dagren Darius Says:

    Great job guys I’m jealous only Nyx i got to shoot self-destructed before we could kill it.

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