Auga POS Report, First General

Captain’s log YC113-09:02 : POS Battles.

20.00 hours :
I start forming up a fleet that I had been planning and looking forward to for a couple of days already.
The fleet is formed with the objective of sieging the Auga POS – the Minmatar Crown Jewel – owned by Royal Order of Security Specialists.

Due to the high fleet complexity form up takes quite a bit of time.

21.30 hours:
The fleet is moving out towards the tower. With fleet numbers of about 50 including 10 logistics ships and no war targets around the composition that we’re rolling in is just right.

21.40 hours:
We start the relentless siege work on the pos taking out key modules, one after another time seeping away and the watch quickly showing 22.30.

22.45 hours :
With the realization that this truly is a “Deathstar POS”, I have my guardians swap out their ships and bring in one triage archon for logistics, three heavy interdictors and some dreadnaughts.

Local is nothing but climbing and my scouts inform me that war targets are getting very busy all around us. Movement reports include Minmatar militia, QCATS, SLAPD, SOTF and BANE.

23.02 hours:
Local is spiking towards 158.

With all support carriers that I have ready aligned towards the POS, hostiles warp in on us and land at their optimals. Their fleet is a fully fledged 80+ battleship fleet split up into close range armor brawlers and long-range artillery.

The hostile fleet has barely landed when my other carriers arrive on field – I give the command for all of them to triage simultaneously knowing that the hostile fleet would have both very high DPS as well as large amounts of neuting in order to counter our capital logistics. The reps are holding strong and except for an unlucky Abaddon that gets alpha’ed, we have almost no losses. We neutralize the enemy logistics with both neutralizers and ECM and kill hostile battleship after battleship goes down.

The hostile fleet first tries to primary our subcapitals but quickly realising that they can’t break the carrier reps they go for our capitals – a carrier and dreadnaught both making it out of triage/siege in structure before they are getting reps from the other friendlies on field. When the minmatar realize they can’t break us or nullify our logistics they cut their losses and withdraw from the field with roughly 25% of their fleet destroyed.

Good fight, hostiles.
-First General

Battle Report. 

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