Editorial: Hans Jagerblitzen

My response to “What do wish CCP would change about FW to make it better?”:

Part of what I love about being in the militia is that we are a niche community that embodies the creative spirit of EvE gameplay, most of us veterans have found ways to entertain ourselves just fine for years without needing content spoonfed to us to stave off boredom. That being said, there are two simple changes that I see as being easily implemented with minimal CCP resources (ideas are useless if they are unrealistic) that have the potential to completely revitalize Faction Warfare and make it an exciting, attractive feature for new and old pilots alike, and can make the conflicts newsworthy and relevant to those passing through our zones once again.

1.) Get rid of Supercapitals in lowsec. Part of lowsec’s appeal is the limit on more heavy handed combat and control measures, such as interdiction bubbles, doomsdays, and bombs. I think banning the upper crust of capital ships fits in with this spirit quite nicely. Titans primarily serve as fleet bridges, and there just isn’t enough large-scale fleet movement in lowsec conflicts such as FW to justify the need to allow them. And Supercarriers need massive rebalancing anyways. Lets kill batphones for either militia party, and bring the conflicts back to the scale we know and love. Dreads and carriers should be fine to stay, since wherever there is a POS there is a need for those two ships to defend and attack, accordingly.

2.) Bring consequence to plexing. When I started as a young pilot, FW was only a year or two old and plexing was still a great way to lure fights of a certain size. That allure diminishes as you can fly more advanced ships and are no longer trying to keep the fight to tech 1 cruisers and below, for example. The real underlying problem is the lack of meaning to holding territory. I would love to see the developers simply use the code they already wrote for Incursions to enhance FW plexing and implement system wide effects to those who win contested areas. It’s a lazy route, but I’d rather see a lazy solution than none at all because of other features needing coding priority. Ideas for system-wide consequences are endless : LP boosts / nerfs for FW missions, Increased repair bill costs, POS hit point buffs/nerfs (making it tougher to obtain a foothold in enemy territory), Increased faction NPC activity, Station guns that target based on Faction and sovereignty, not just GCC status (to minimize station games and force fighting back into the plexes).

Thanks for your time and all your hard work reporting on our goings on! I love the Faction Warfare community dearly, I was invited to join Hoplite Brigade when I was a wee rifter pilot and never had a reason to leave. The fantastic combat, interesting characters, the experience of founding [AUTOZ] and the challenge of developing us into one of the most successful Minmatar corporations has been a joy. I hope all our combined press coverage continues to show the rest of New Eden why we do what we do despite CCP’s “abandoning” of us!

Fly Dangerous,
-Hans Jagerblitzen

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