Super Chair, Caldari FC

How long have you been playing EvE? 
About three years.

What attracted you to the game?
I’ll just make this clear since everyone keeps asking about this toons name, I once made a trial account for EVE for shits and giggles, and was rather unimaginative with my name, I made the name “Super Chair” because well…chair was taken. I didn’t know I would actually be playing the game but here I am with this…name. I ended up liking EVE more than I thought I would.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia? 
Wormholes, some 0.0 but not much to really count.

What are some of your most memorable experiences in FW?
Drunk fleet with smeggers…The gallente jumped into us and smeggers was too smashed to really call primaries, he just said fuck it shoot what you want and somehow we held the field.

Oh yeah and forming fleets in Nourv back when Caldari based there, with a two-hour form up time playing fitting nazi.

Do you participate in plexing and system capturing? Do you think it is a worthwhile endeavor? 

I participate in plexing and bunker busts, sometimes its just for giggles or its an actual push to take systems. There’s really no reward for capturing a system other than just to mess with guys from the other side. But for the plexes themselves there’s a lot of solo/small gang fights and that’s the good part.

What do you think of Captain’s Quarters?
I think it’s not that great of a feature, I’m sure once dust and such is all implemented it might be cool, but there’s so much you could do with the resources you would have to put behind it to make the flying in space portion of EVE even better. I don’t care for Incarna, I have station environment disabled.

What’s your favorite kill mail? Also, any embarrassing lossmails?
Lots of embarrassing losses, especially when it comes to burning out your guns.

What makes FW awesome?
The players. I’ve been on both sides and there are some really awesome people on both sides that really make staying in FW worthwhile.

What do you wish CCP would change about FW?
The big thing is making occupancy meaningful, and a lot of the bug fixes regarding standings, bubbles, etc. Alliances in FW would be cool too, obviously just make it so they can’t hold sov.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support?
It happens, there’s really not a huge reason to spy in FW, neutral alts, everyone has them. The whole batphoning thing has gotten out of hand though.

Who do you admire in Caldari FW? 
I admire Gunnyt31 and Gavingoodrich, really agressive FCs that will leeroy just to have some fun.

Which of your opponents do you most admire?
Chatgris, another aggressive FC and I would say is the Gallente’s best FC.

What do you think of mixed fleets(Caldari/Gallente, etc) to fight pirates/neutrals? 
I’m all for blueing up if it gets everyone a fight. Being too stuck up to work with the other side helps no one. If there’s a big neutral/pie fleet out that you can’t take out with just your own guys you have two options: blueball your own guys and go home, or work with the other militia and have some fun.

Have you flown with Amarrian fleets? If so, what do you think about the differences in strategies, etc?
Haven’t flown too much with the Amarr fleets. I know they like to roll a lot heavier most of the time.

What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are as a pilot?
I fly a lot of ECM and sniper boats so I’m overly cautious in a fight. Sometimes I lose out on kills because of it. Sometimes it really helps though. I got cocky against too many targets and decided to leeroy in once their tank was gone but ended up turning out for the worst for me.

What types of gangs do you most like to fly in?
Mostly nanoshield gangs or small roaming gangs.

What advice would you give to someone joining Caldari militia? 
Grind ISK and have literally dozens of ships ready to go. Not having ships ready is going to hurt you and your fleet. Remember, when you have to go to a market hub to buy a ship/modules you’re not only using your time, but that of 30 other people waiting on you. You’ll end up being kicked from fleet or you will make 30 other people wait. Have your ships sorted.

Why did you choose Caldari over the other militias?
I initially went Caldari because a buddy from my wormhole days was here. I was Caldari for about two years then I switched to Gallente for a few months. Really cool people on both sides but in the end I went back to Caldari because of some of the friends here and the easy mode missions.

How long have you been an FC?
About two years, I don’t FC too often nowadays though.

What do you consider the most difficult part of FCing?
Trying to understand non-english European scouts with accents. Straight up the hardest thing to do when you’re used to american/english scouts. Its maddening sometimes.

What is the worst thing you’ve done as an FC?
Warped sniper fleet to 0 😀

What types of gangs do you most enjoy FCing? 
Drake fleets were my favorite for a long time, other than that I like frig/dessie brawls and BS slugfests.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who is an up-and-coming FC?
Don’t take it personally and rage (I’ve raged too much) if your fleet dies. Really try to keep a positive attitude and don’t single people out. No one likes it when an FC calls names over comms, do it in private if people need sorting out. Oh and comms discipline (obviously you would bitch people out publicly if they interrupt comms/fleet operations enough). Everyone is there to have fun, try to keep it fun.


Ship to fly: Cerberus
FW System: Nennamaila
EvE Celebrity: Loren Gallen
EvE Related Website: Battleclinic
Null Sec Alliance: BDEAL, good times 8)
War target To Shoot: Princess Nexxaila (nothing personal, just hard to catch at times, so it’s sastisfying when we get a scram)
Corpse: Gunnyt31
EvE Online Forum: WF&T
Space Station: Eha Station
Way To Make ISK: FW missions
Ammo: Scorch
Pirate Corp: Tuskers

One Response to “Super Chair, Caldari FC”

  1. I must admit, that the drunk fleets with smeggers were always funny as fuck. I like thinking back the times when the right-hand-down-a-bit and left-hand-up-a-bit scout squads were sent out to different directions ending up both in the same system, cause no one could remember in what squad he was ahahaha
    Smeggers ftw! 🙂

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