Maud’dib, CEO of The Imperial Fedaykin

When did you first create TMFED and what inspired you to do so?

After being involved with FW for 6-10 months with core impulse I knew it was where I wanted to pvp, while 0.0 remained the way it is. Core impulse decided to leave but myself and a few others including Predator Elite wanted to stay, so making a new corp seemed the best solution. Initially created for solo and small gang pilots, with as few limitations as possible, we promised nothing and would not take people we didn’t know and enjoy to fly with, our vouch system kept the bar high for members recruiting friends.

What inspired the name of your corporation?

I requested some good potential names from my friends, a very old friend master bates, suggested Imperial Fedaykin as he had also read the Dune series of books (from where I took my name), since the Fedaykin were Muad ‘dibs elite commando guard in the books, it seemed very fitting and better than anything else anyone came up with, it sounded good with imperial (for the Amarr connection) so it stuck 🙂

Have your plans for TMFED changed any since it’s creation?

They have not, no. We have had to get into some aspects of EvE we wanted to avoid, such as POS, but sometimes that’s unavoidable.

TMFED is invite only. How do you find your pilots? What kind of criteria do they have to meet to get an invitation?

Usually a potential new member will be approached, sometimes persistent individuals put in applications anyway and sometimes we give them a shot, sometimes not. The fact we are invite only makes it extremely fast to say a firm no, when you need to.

What kind of corp rules and policies does TMFED have?

Well since TMFED was created, the policy’s have relaxed slightly, but the basics still apply. We have always tried not to boss anyone about, no CTA requests or roles pushed on anyone. This is to give the otherwise lonely solo player a place in a corp that’s unlike every other and yet with other players like them. Where possible our members interest come before the corp or the directors.

Why does TMFED base out of Auga 3rd?

At the beginning of the year Amarr militia was not doing very well and often being camped in Houla, the Amarr hub system. To inflict pain directly back, I and a small group decided to make our kills in Auga, the then very active minmatar hub system.

This continued as TMFED grew and the Amarr militia found its pvp feet again, we just never left 😉

What types of corp-only fleets does TMFED favor the most?

We fly what we have available to combat what we think we have to deal with at the time, if there is no specific gang to fight we will go with faster moving ships so we are able to react quickly to friendly FW intel. Cynabals and tengus mostly 🙂

Have you ever had to boot a member? If so, why?

Yes, mostly due to not fitting in by not understanding our goal and taking advantage of the zero tax or open nature of the corp, also for simply being offensive to friendly militia or corp members.

Have you been a CEO or held any leadership roles in other corporations before TMFED?

Yes my list is long, I’ve only not been a director or CEO of a few corps. I think that has mostly been due to the time i have available to play. I’ve tried to use the experience well I’ve certainly made some mistakes and likely to make a few more, but hey, that’s the challenge. This corp is the best so far, because of its lack of definitive rules the members do so much more for themselves even when it does come to doing a corp event (which is rare).

What do you find is the hardest part of being a CEO in general and of TMFED specifically?

It’s not hard, as mentioned above this corp really does its own thing. Perhaps the only tough job I have is unravelling disputes and making a decision, as admin work is fast and easy.

What are you most proud of your corp for?

Existing for a year!!! (we turn a year old in about 10 days)

I’ve enjoyed every moment, it makes me proud we can do what we do and enjoy it still, that’s it.

What’s the secret to TMFED being so successful?

Well there’s really very little TMFED has to do to keep going, our structure has only two directors and one of those is silent.

We do things when we need to and that’s about it.  Simplicity is its greatest strength.

Of course being packed full of excellent pvpers and very, very funny people just makes everyday a delight.

You don’t even have to undock to enjoy yourself, which is rare in pvp focused corps.

Do you think TMFED will always be in Militia?

Yes, absolutely.

Why did you choose Amarr Militia over the others for TMFED?

I was already here with core impulse and liked how the Amarr militia conducted ourselves compared to the militias, when I came to make my own corp it was the obvious choice.

Does TMFED participate in plexing and system capturing? Do you think it’s even worthwhile?

We only assist for pvp, since some minnie plexers are so hard set on the plexing and not the pvp it sometimes isn’t worth even trying to catch them. I suppose it also depends on the corp general mood at any given time 🙂

What other Faction War corps do you admire and why?

Zero heavy industries, Black souls, KOTMC our new friends from Caldari militia Wolfsbrigade, any of the top pvp corps really, just because I know how tough it can be in low sec sometimes.

Has PL’s arrival in Amamake affected TMFED?

Yeah for sure, they really would drop supers on anything, also they do have fast roaming gank gangs with RR so it’s just forced most militia fights esp the big ones, right down to small plexing style fleets and one vs ones, etc. While I prefer smaller fights the fact we are all a bit nervous of PL saying hello half way through any fight, well it just puts everyone down and that’s a fact.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting up a Faction War corporation?

Start with at least a few guys already into the cause and lay out some ground rules between them. Make sure your corp is fun, dont shout, dont boss people about, this is a game remember, too many forget that and act like it’s a job, do this and you will kill your corp off soon.

What do you think makes Faction War awesome?

Its official, straight forward pvp. War decs and alliance clashes always leads to hours and pages of arguments over this and that, most of us are here just to fight a player or bunch of players and say GF afterwards and do it again tomorrow, way more sportsman like.

What do you wish CCP would change about Faction War?

Make plexing something that attracts pvers, pvpers alike and dare I say it…. make it profitable?

Oh and also adding some way to mission as a corp with corp LP or some sort of acknowledgement at a corp level, not ALWAYS a personnel level.

The amount of mission spamming bombers makes me angry!

Thank you for the interview, any parting thoughts?

You are welcome, thank you for taking an interest in what we have done so far 🙂

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