9 Reasons

#1 Small gang pew pew. I could probably stop at this point for many people. The truth is, faction war is rampant with small gang warfare. Sure, you can get a good dose of big blobs as well, but if you’re a solo pvper or someone who likes to keep to tiny gangs, there will be plenty of action for you.

#2 Really Great People to Fly With. Not the ‘oh, he’s kinda nice’ people. The kind of people that you end up keeping in contact with…forever.

#3 Iskies! I’m not much of a carebear but I’ve been told that faction war missions are an excellent way to make isk. Some of my friends make as much as a billion in a few hours of missioning in their stealth bombers.…

#4 Amarr tears and corpses. Sure, they occasionally have issues. They can be somewhat blobby at times, and they occasionally yell to neutrals to come help them. Sometimes that just makes it more fun to kill them. There’s also a lot of great guys (and girls) in the Amarr militia, and there are many always willing to give a 1 vs 1.

#5 Low-Sec. Honestly, low-sec is where it’s at these days. Because who in their right mind would want to live in the boring void that is null sec? Honestly. Not to mention, you can go pirate and have even more people to shoot at!

#6 Drama. Eve wouldn’t be Eve without it. People claim to not have it and to not want it but it’s always there in some amount and people are always attracted to it like flies. There’s drama when the Amarr batphone. There’s drama when the Minmatar drop a carrier. There’s tears in local and accusations of blobbing when you drop 4 ppl to kill one battlecruiser. Tears and smack and yelling…but always a gf in local in the end.

#7 Blog Material! Honestly, faction war has been a really fun topic for me to write about over the past few weeks. Sure, I don’t consider this a faction war blog and I write about a lot of other stuff…but there’s so much interesting ‘stuff’ that happens in faction war that makes for great writing material.

#8 Fly Whatever You Want! Tech 1 cruisers are completely legitimate and useful in faction war, or you can bring your rapier. People don’t really care as much as they seem to in nullsec. A good fight is a good fight whether you are all in punishers or in tech 2 fit battleships with logistic support. Most fcs will guide people to what’s appropriate for that fleet but it’s usually wide open as far as choices are concerned. No required fits, no required ships you need on hand all the time. It’s your game and you make the rules.

#9 Bring Yourself, or Bring a Corp. In faction war, you can join the general militia corporation with a mere .5 faction standings. Or, you can enter your entire corporation into faction war. So whether you’re solo just wanting to scout things out a bit, or you want to bring all your friends, it’s a pretty easy transition to make.

1. Despite the obvious trolls, we have very helpful pilots who will spend an extraordinary amount of time and patience with a new pilot or someone who is just clueless. Evidence here, an hour and a half long conversation with Amarrian pilot, Undertovv.

Help is abundant, all you have to do is ask (the right people).

2. Girl friendly. Okay, so something like 96% of EvE is male, but there are still tons of girls out in EvE who might be carebearing it up though they secretly desire to go shoot someone in the face. For the most part, the Amarr Militia is accustomed to having an OMG-A-REAL-GIRL around on comms.  So if you’re female, come give it a try!

3. No tedious CTAs and Null Sec obligations. Militia is usually pure pvp without the scheduled fights of null sec. You can log on, undock, and find a fight. No setting your alarm clock for the middle of the night. No going 25+ jumps for a fight, etc. Most of our engagements take place within five systems or so.

4. Wizard hats. Amarr Militia has many great pvp-role play corps, so it’s like two for the price of one. You can roleplay about shooting Minmatar in the face while shooting Minmatar in the face. Think rpers are lol-lame? Minmatar has a couple of rp corps, so join Amarr and shoot them in the face!

5. Everyone is important. A noob to EvE that can tackle is just as important as someone in their fancy tech 3s.

6. Null sec comes to us. Often times the big alliances of null sec will drop by for a visit, as seen here.

By the by, I’m placing a pineapple on the Amamake star gates for PL.

(Funfact: A well-bred socialite of the 1800s living in the deep South would leave a pineapple at the foot of a guest’s bed to let him / her know it was time to leave.)

7. Amarr ships are sexy. Granted you don’t have to be in Amarr Militia to fly Amarr ships, but you can get those pretty sexy ships for barely nothing if you do Faction War missions.

8. It’s not routine. You never know what you’re going to log into. Fleets range from frigate swarms to OMG HOT DROP ‘OCLOCK. Though we typically fight against the Minmatar, it is not uncommon to fleet with the Minmatar to fight pirates. And once or twice we’ve fleeted with the Minmatar and the pirates to fight some random null sec alliance who was rolling through our war zone. You just never really know whats going to happen!

9. We’re getting a new station!!!….(I am hopeful!)

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