A Conversation with Undertovv, Amarr Militia Pilot

Hey, I would like to interview you for Sov Wars, my Faction War blog, interested?

Look. First off, I know about every setup there is, I don’t care for cookie cutter setups. Saying that I’m clueless is bs, if I know about every setup, how can I be clueless?


“Despite the obvious trolls, we have very helpful pilots who will spend an extraordinary amount of time and patience with a new pilot or someone who is just clueless. Evidence here, an hour and a half long conversation with Amarrian pilot, Undertovv.”

“I’m not clueless, its how I want to fly my ship.”

So here’s your chance to tell your side of the story.

“Why? The interview is just for trolling.”

No it’s not, my blog is for everyone in FW to tell their story. I can ask you questions and you can respond, or not.

“Ok ask me.”

How long have you been in Faction War? Which factions have you flown for?

“Maybe a year. Caldari and Amarr.”

How does Caldari differ from Amarr in regards to pvp styles?

“They don’t really differ too much, they basically fly the same ships, drakes and canes mainly. I take this back. Actually they both either fly armor and shield tanked bc’s/ bs’s or nano bc’s and down depending on the situation.”

So you went from Amarr to Caldari then back to Amarr? Did you do anything in between? Like trying other parts of the game, or have you stayed consistently in the militia?

“I did other things like planetary interaction and I enjoyed learning this and kept up with my command centers but after a while it got old and I got tired of jumping within an 8 system span to collect all the materials that my extractors got, so I quit. I did it for about a year through the cal militia. Just got tired of moving the extractors around.”

What other parts of the game have you tried besides FW?

“R & D agents and loved it. It was fun getting your standing up to be able to use the agents. After that you really don’t have to do anything else. Thats pretty much it of all the things I’ve done besides faction war.’

Is that where you learned pvp? From FW? Who would you say has been the biggest influence on your pvp style?

“I didn’t learn pvp from faction warfare. I learned many years ago when I lived in low sec where pirates lived. I adapted to living around them and used my instincts against them. The biggest influence on my pvp style is the fact that pvp is never fair when it comes to numbers.”

What is your favorite ships to fly, and why?

“I don’t really have a favorite ship to fly, I sometimes fly ships if I get tired of flying what I’ve been flying, but it also depends on the situations that we are going to be in.”

Is there anything you’re looking forward to flying in the future?

“Newly added ships to the game I guess. I’d have to say there needs to be more ships, introduce corvettes or something, or how about a covert ops destroyer lol, I’m just making up things. I heard something about t3 frigates but I guess that’s a dream.”

What are some of your most memorable experiences in EVE? And in particular, FW?

“When I was in the Cal militia and we flew a kiting fleet against the Gal militia and killed almost all of them and didn’t lose anything. I think Dark Pangolin was the fc.”

Nice, do you have the battlereport for that?


So what happened with you and Mystical Might?

“We agreed to a 1v1 but I told him it was till structure and he didn’t listen. He says that I never said anything, but I said it loud and clear.”

Was there a particular reason you did a 1 v 1 with him?

“He kept asking.”

Did he pod you?


What do you think of the recording of the conversation that some of the Amarr guys had with you?

“They did it just to troll, but I told them how I felt on anything they quoted me on.”

Have you modified your fits since?

“No.  Why do I get the feeling that this is a trolling too?”

It’s not, I’m just asking questions that people are likely wanting to know, and to give you a chance to say whatever you want.

“Whatever I say doesn’t matter, it’s basically what they want me to do despite the fact that I pay for this account.”

Have you flown with any militia fleets since the recording?


How did that work out?


So you don’t think the public recording has had any affect on your participation with the militia?

“I guess when it first was introduced, but it’s all trolling and I don’t care, I just play, if they don’t like me, fuck ’em.”

Do you have a Hitler/WW2/Nazi fascination? It came up quite a bit in that convo.

“No, I told them they were acting like hitler.”

Who do you most admire in Amarr Militia, and which of our enemies do you most admire?

“Predator Elite because I think he’s a good fc. No one from the minnies.”

Would you change your fit to fly in a Pred fleet if he asked it of you?

“I guess, it depends on the degree. Everyone has their flying style and other people’s fits would make me feel uncomfortable. Of course I’ve gathered that people feel uncomfortable with my fits but it’s about your flying style.”

Thank you for the interview.

7 Responses to “A Conversation with Undertovv, Amarr Militia Pilot”

  1. Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

    Oh boy, this looks highly entertaining. Based on Undertovv’s level of defensiveness, I bet that recording is comic gold. Is it on the youtubez or anything? Can we get a link?

  2. This is a troll, right?

    • Hans Jagerblitzen Says:

      I found the link, didnt notice it at first. No, I don’t think its a troll. If you listen to the full audio, which is quite fascinating…I think Undertovv sounds pretty genuine. Which is kinda, sad, his fleetmates are trying to hard to help him with advice, but he’s arrogant and proud and refuses to take advice, or cooperate with fleet fits. It would be hilarious if it were a clever troll attempt or parody, but he just seems all too real. I feel sorry for him and his narrow-minded view of the world.

  3. Despite any trolliness or defensivenessthat there might be, Undertovv has a point. FW isn’t null-sec sov warfare, he should be able to fly the fit he wants. If it is royally terrible, he will die royally terrible deaths and people will stop fleeting him. If it is asymmetrically awesome, he will make asymmetrically awesome kills, and people will keep fleeting him. For a game that is one about player choice, some people get real stuck up, when other players don’t quite confirm to their idea of a PvPfit.

  4. Wow, you REALLY had to work for that interview. Well done!

  5. filedropper.com/undertovv

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