CCP Announces Plans To Fix Faction War

In a letter to the EvE community today, CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson offered an apology for the general direction of EvE, but more importantly to our readers, finally gave hope that someone has finally remembered Faction War.

In an accompanying devblog, CCP Zulu confirms this. “EVE Online´s Winter 2011 expansion will be themed around improvements to warfare and PVP. We will be talking more specifically about each of the features and items in the coming weeks but, for now, here‘s an overview of what functionality, systems and gameplay we‘re going to improve and add to.

Hybrid weapons balancing, Factional warfare, Assault ships, Capital ship balancing, New T2 modules, Starbase logistics management, New EWAR-Drones, T2 Rigs manufacturing, Ship spinning, New font, More captain’s quarters, and Time dilation.”

On the Features & Ideas forum, BloodPetal has started a thread on ideas for FW.  Please give your support.

And don’t forget our campaign for a new 24th station in Huola, found here.



One Response to “CCP Announces Plans To Fix Faction War”

  1. I’m both intrigued and cautious about the announcement CCP made about their attention to FW. I honestly do want to believe that th devs are working hard on it and everything will come out exactly as they’d hoped, but after the “miscommunications” between CCP and the playerbase lately, I’m finding myself being the one that’s putting the caution in “cautiously optimistic”.

    On a more light-hearted note, totally bumped your forum thread about the new station. After all, it’s hard to bring the divine light of justice and awesome to the universe from inside such a dark station – or something! (Don’t mind me, I’m a really bad roleplayer.)

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