Interview: Gunnyt31, Caldari Militia FC

How long have you been playing EvE? 

I have been playing since December of 09.

What attracted you to the game? 

The pve high sec missioning factor of the game originally attracted me, and then after I had my first pvp experience with Dirty Protagonist hooked me into pvp.

What other aspects of the game have you tried other than militia?

I have been in some 0.0 alliances and have been involved in high sec war decs.

What are some of your most memorable experiences in FW?

My most memorable experience in faction war would be second fleet that I FCed where we destroyed a small capital fleet and a small battle cruiser fleet in fifty cruisers; I no longer have the battle report because of the EvE Kill purge.

Do you participate in plexing and system capturing? Do you think it is a worthwhile endeavor?

I occasionally participate in the plexing system. I think it is a worthless endeavor that only provides smaller scale pvp to fw occasionally. With the current system there is no point to do it besides the sake of orbiting a button.

What do you think of Captain’s Quarters?

I have it disabled enough said lol.

What’s your favorite kill mail? Also, any embarrassing lossmails?

My favorite kill mail would be the Pandemic Legion carrier kill the Amarr and Caldari militia killed. (here)

And then my favorite fight would be against killer rasta in my jaguar against his daredevil.   I’m sure my enemies can provide all the embarrassing loss mails in the world.

What makes FW awesome?

Can pretty much do whatever you want to do, 0.0, high Sec, low sec, wormholes and aren’t responsible to many people.

What do you wish CCP would change about FW?

So much to be said but the forums say it all, I would like them to do something most with the plexing/kills aspect to encourage pvp instead of encouraging high sec mission alts and low sec mission alts.

What do you think about the use of alt spies, neutral alts for bonuses, and outside cap support?

It’s a clear exploit, the neutral alts for bonuses everyone uses so it’s a common theme now. I do get annoyed when neutral logis and carriers are used for reps because of how long it takes for them to go red/get aggression and sometimes people’s overviews just bug and they will never get aggression. But it is part of the game, just got to deal with it.

Who do you admire in Caldari FW? 

Gaingoodrich, although he is not in Caldari militia any longer, he has always been my inspiration.

Which of your opponents do you most admire and why? 

Chatgris.  He is pretty much fearless and will engage anything in whatever he has available and still gets results.

What do you think of mixed fleets(Caldari/Gallente, etc) to fight pirates/neutrals? 

They can be a good thing at other times it’s better to just have a threeway 🙂

What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are as a pilot?

Strengths being able to fc and call targets, can be extremely aggressive.

Weakness: low skill points compared to other fcs I know, back seat fcs occasionally, lack of patience with newer players

What types of gangs do you most like to fly in? 

Shield BCs.

What advice would you give to someone joining Caldari militia?

Get into one of the pvp corps and show people that you are willing to go out and learn on your own not only by people providing you the information.

Why did you choose Caldari over the other militias?

Um because of high sec caldari missioning days didn’t have the standing to join any other one.

How long have you been an FC? 

Since February of 2010.

What do you consider the most difficult part of FCing?

Dealing with people who you know should be experienced but just clearly have the skill points but don’t have the hands on experience.

What is the worst thing you’ve done as an FC? 

Get cocky and engage stuff I know the fleet can’t engage but engage anyways for the sack of getting a fight.

What types of gangs do you most enjoy FCing? 

Shiled bc fleets.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who is an up-and-coming FC?

Don’t give up. It sucks at times but you will get there one day.


FW System: Hikkoken
EvE Celebrity: Gavingoodrich
EvE Related Website: battle clinic
Null Sec Alliance: White Noise lol
Wartarget To Shoot: Too many to choose
Corpse: John Revenant (I have 10)
Space Station: Enaluri V
Song To Fly To: Pretty Good at Drinking Beer  by Billy Currington
Way To Make ISK: FW missions
Ammo: Republic Fleet EMP
Pirate Corp: Gun Point Diplomacy

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