Holidays Come Early To Minmatar, Free Archon!

“Night before last night, after a round of the usual skirmish games we like to play with Pandemic Legion, our AUTOZ gang spread out in search for more targets, and Missy Lorelai noticed a cyno field up in Auga, warping to it in his Curse. A neutral archon was spotted, and Missy grabbed and held the point long enough for the scattered AUTOZ gang to converge on Auga and begin attacking the Archon.”

“I was in a scimitar, and rather than take the time to reship into something heavier, I simply docked, jumped to my carrier clone, and Ejen lit a cyno for me to drop in and unleash my fighters on the Archon, taking GCC to rep my fleet mates, who took some damage but quickly made short work of the target’s Templars. At this time, Schoog and Manos of KaPow, along with Ava Starfire, joined our fleet and assisted in DPS on the Archon.”

“In a hilarious turn of events, as the Archon pilot realized his tank was failing, he chose to make an escape attempt – IN A PALADIN. Why he chose an escape vessel the same cost as his carrier , is beyond me, but it had us in stitches laughing about the sheer comedy of the situation.”

“By the time the Paladin died his fiery death, King Rothgar had joined the AUTOZ gang, and was more than happy to hop into the abandoned carrier, which was in structure and completely empty of capacitor. By this time, the Amarr were filling up local, having noticed the cyno, and I warped my Niddy to safety. King warped out before the Amarr could arrive on scene. The archon turned out to be unrigged, was using only a single mid slot, and had nothing in its higslots. The fitting was so poor that by the time King arrived at a safe position within docking range of a nearby station (the carrier had no fuel or capacitor left for an exit cyno), his attempts at repairing the damage using the on-board armor reps failed because he capped out in a few cycles – the lack of rigs and rechargers made self-repair a chore.”

“Overall, it was a hilarious theft, a lesson to the victim in how not to use a carrier in lowsec, and AUTOZ pulled this feat off flawlessly without a single loss.”

“And for those raising an eyebrow at what could be argued as blatant piracy, I’ll simply say that as long as Pandemic Legion are in town presenting a clear and present danger, we will continue to aggress freighters and capitals not blue to us if we suspect they are “supporting PL or Amarr logistically” :)”

“Fly safe!”

– Hans Jagerblitzen


Read local logs of the incident here on Kuan Yida’s blog.

2 Responses to “Holidays Come Early To Minmatar, Free Archon!”

  1. Vadeim Rizen Says:

    What was funny about this, the Amarr weren’t coming to fight. We were out on a roam and we had a scanner out, and nobody knew what was going on. We saw an empty archon and a bunch of minmatar swarming it and were like wtf is going on lol.

  2. This is just wow.

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