Interview: Seriphyn Inhonores, Gallente

Interview conducted by guest writer, Mekhana.

Mekhana: So, Seriphyn Inhonores. You’re quite the veteran in our militia. For how long you’ve been active in factional warfare?

Seriphyn Inhonores: I became a pilot not long after the wars broke out, actually, and spent the first year in-and-out back when the novelty was fresh and the fleets were glorious. Otherwise been in the militia consistently since September 111 (2009)

Mekhana: If you stuck around for so long you must enjoy it. What kept you around for so long? Was the the context and setting for roleplaying? Maybe the PVP?

Seriphyn Inhonores: A lot of FWers have some “lite-RPer” tendencies. We like the idea of fighting for our empire against an enemy one, one that is appropiately named and is based in the fiction, not something with an immersion-breaking name like “Get Off My Lawn”.

So yes, the context and setting for roleplaying is one of the top reasons I’ve stuck in FW for so long. Also, like many others too, the idea of occupancy is good but implemented poorly. All the same, I like the concept of fighting over systems that have their own names, are homes to NPCs and so forth. While obviously everything about that mechanic needs to be fixed, the PvP you can get in plexes can be ridiculously awesome and challenging. No gates to jump through, no stations to dock at, no escape. And given that Gallente NPCs suck in terms of helping you out, fighting in Gallente plexes is pretty much like fighting in open space. So, that, and the RP involved.

Mekhana: I actually share your opinions. Hopefully CCP will be able to fix the flaws and just keep the good things about FW around. Do you have any advice for a newbie Gallente militia pilot that wants to start a life out here?

Seriphyn Inhonores: I would advise that they have to do their research about the FDU first. The nuances of the militia mechanics means that the Gallente militia operate a “boy’s club”; either you’re in the cadre, or you’re not, confined to being general riff-raff or rookies. Don’t join the FDU NPC corp as you won’t know what the hell is going on; I’ve come across many FW newbs that are completely oblivious to how the FDU operate. But, that said, our “cadre system” means that we are more centralized than other militias, sharing the same intelligence and operation channels. In which case, if you know what you’re doing when you join, the potential for maximum fun is there.

Mekhana: Yeah I agree too. Although the system works for us ‘in the loop’ it does leave out a lot of potential future hardened pilots that eventually lose interest. Now the final question for you. What is your favorite ship in the game and why?

Seriphyn Inhonores: Oh, don’t do that *laughs*. I do enjoy this high-survival, high-maintenance Myrmidon fit that I had laying around. Plated for a buffer, with two medium reps and a cap injector, I designed it for taking on frig blobs. Using two webs and small projectiles, you have to balance between target selection and module activation, and it really takes a hard time for the frigs to make a dent in you. It’s really fun, but I’ve fallen out of practice lately; I wouldn’t want to try that fit anytime soon.

A close second is the Brutix, just because I love the Gallente combat doctrine of “Rape-in-face” (make of that what you will).

Mekhana: That’s the same setup I use for my Myrmidon as well. I also do miss our old Brutix blob fleets, primaries went down a lot faster but so did our fleet members. Maybe we’ll see more Brutix and Myrmidons on the field once they balanced Hybrids and Gallente hulls at the next expansion.

Seriphyn Inhonores: Or maybe the Brutix will be made obsolete by the new tier 3 BC as well…it’s already a glass cannon, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Mekhana: Quite so. Sadly the only Gallente ships worth flying are always new ships (like the proteus and alliance tournament ships), frigates and supercaps. Hopefully the new one will encourage people to fly Gallente again. So you don’t have to spend over 2b isk to fly something Gallente and not be at a disavantage.

Seriphyn Inhonores: Our unique doctrine of being glass cannons, or what I like to call “Death or glory at half-a-klick”, really needs to get appreciated again. If either you or the enemy is not dead within ten seconds, you’re doing something wrong.

Mekhana: There’s also the problem of getting there alive. I think flying blaster boats is a lot like having a D-Day style beach landing but instead of infantry, you have professional heavy weight boxers storming the beach. Sure the boxers are tough and hit hard but very few will actually get in range to land a punch.

Seriphyn Inhonores: Haha, yeah. I always felt it was more sustainable in fleets, though. A swarm of those professional heavyweight boxers pounding the living shit out of a single target, then heaving themselves to the next target for the same treatment (I may need help).

Mekhana: Exactly. It’s great to land 20 Megathrons at a tackled carrier. It just melts. Sadly too much of a niche role but when its time to use Gallente though, magical things happen.

Mekhana: Well thanks so much for your insight and your opinion. I think you’ll open the eyes of many people with this.

Seriphyn Inhonores: Good to know! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

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