Caldari Opinion Poll: Removing Faction NPCs in Enemy Highsec?

On a thread regarding FW at the EVE forums, CCP Soundwave recently asked, “One thing we might be able to do very easily is remove the faction NPCs, letting you freely travel in other factions space. How would you guys feel about that change? I’ve always found it a bit sad that we’ve isolated FW in low-sec when it could be done on a much larger scale.”

What is your opinion on removing faction NPC’s in enemy highsec?  


“Removal of high sec NPCs will not do much for the major PVP corps other than allowing the hunting of “Carebears” and “Tax-Evaders” who only join militia for the missions and 0% tax. This would not be a bad thing as it would “Cull the herd”. Of the great many things they could do for FW I think this is relatively minor and also would make absolutely no sense (In-game). We are the militia. That means there must be a professional trained army. Where did they go?” – Dark Pangolin, Caldari

“Clearly CCP is just out of touch with the FW community in general and it just shows how little the care about faction war. It’s rather disheartening knowing that the makers of the game are going to remove something from the game that the fw community honestly doesnt give a fuck about lol. All you can do at this point is laugh because it is that pathetic on CCPs part. They missed the round table at fan fest, they then apologized and gave some nonesense forum response of some sort stating that they would make it up that never happened. And now there only leak about fixing FW is removing high sec npcs, to make high sec esentially a low sec war zone for FW. That opens up a whole new can of worms. 

Removing the npcs from high sec isn’t that much of an issue because most of the miltias (pvp forces) live in low sec. However by doing so it may force all the bots/mission runners in high sec to move out of militia giving CCP a more general number of who is actually in militia to pvp. Who knows why there doing it but it may be a good thing, but my fingers are crossed that this isnt the big change they have been talking about.” – Gunnyt31, Caldari

“In my opinion it would not be a good idea. We are not just stuck in lowsec, we can go through all lowsec, alll 0.0, all WH and both factions of high sec on our side (Caldari and Amarr in my case). If we are to allow war targets to come to high sec of the other faction, all it will do it:

A. Make Jita, Dodixie, and the other major trade hubs perma camped. 

B. Make all FW people use a neutral character to by their items in high sec. The only plus side I see would be the carebears would take a good ass kicking and they may reduce in numbers. But on the down side of that would be that the Caldari have the most…

I am happy they are paying attention to FW, but out of all of the complaints I have heard, I do not recall ever hearing anyone that matters saying that this was an issue.” – friedmegg1, Caldari

“Well in my opinion removing NPCs is a bad idea because it removes incentive for less serious people to be in FW. No need for alts to do all the hauling,etc. And from an RP point of view it’d be completely bonkers.” -Damar Rocarion, Caldari

“I consider FW as a nice fast way to get involved in Eve pvp. Having no borderzones and just free perma-war would introduce new players a fast way of getting ganked at Jita undock over and over again.

Faction rats are nothing compared to Concord, so enemy hisec is not dangerous to travel trough as it sounds. Longer fight or a camp will turn painful like it should.

CCP is fixing the wrong end of faction warfare. FW should have a concrete purpose, goals and rewards before getting detaily with hisec issues.” – Lancress, Caldari

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