Gallente Opinion Poll: Removing Faction NPCs in Enemy Highsec?

On a thread regarding FW at the EVE forums, CCP Soundwave recently asked, “One thing we might be able to do very easily is remove the faction NPCs, letting you freely travel in other factions space. How would you guys feel about that change? I’ve always found it a bit sad that we’ve isolated FW in low-sec when it could be done on a much larger scale.”

What is your opinion on removing faction NPC’s in enemy highsec?

“That would be awesome, for a lot of reasons, most of which are obvious. It would also suck, as it would ruin the immersion of why we are even fighting for our faction, If it means nothing and everyone can do what they please anyways.

What about flipping high sec systems, using the surrounding low sec areas to determine who controls i?. Example, a high sec system with 2 low sec gates would be owned by the faction that owned the two ajoining low secs.

Also what about a Ex Pat system where you can rebalance your negative standing with your opposite faction when you leave FW ( no mission grinding to go to jita), with guaranees that you wont fight again, ect.” -Tromin, Gallente

“Saw this on the forum, not keen on moving the battlefield away from low-sec. Seems it would encourage more station games on enemy hubs and logistics stations. Not the kind of pvp that should be encouraged imo.

Other issues are neutral rr, neutral ship scanning, neutral bumpers, neutral looters, neutral salvagers, the list goes on.

Of all the things wrong with fac war, high sec is most certainly not one of them.” – Crosi Wesdo, Gallente

“My view is that once you remove faction npc’s in highsec your going to have insta locking stillots’s/t3’s etc, compared to web and insta warp method in practice from the highsec np’c atm. Then again it would be interesting to see how real life players manipulate areas in highsec. I think it would divide highsec up more, however it isn’t much different from suiside highsec campers, exept without the suicide 🙂 , I think it’s a good idea but needs restrictions on where they are removed, and I belive there should be penalties of some sorts on people trying to get a quick kill

However, I think more must be done to promote FW, as it is steadily declining, at least in the Caldari department ( well thats my opinion:P). Remove npc’s I believe would give a chance to get highsec players more comfortable with low sec living, bridge the gap so to speak :)” -Shelley09, Gallente

“I am not sure how I feel about it. It could really have a negative effect on FW but on the other hand it could be positive. We would probably see many more high sec corps joining FW but you would also have a lot of high sec greifing corps join as well. I also do not like the fact they tend to send noobs to FW via the tutorial missions, this hasn’t been too much of a problem, but if we extend the war to high sec the greifing of noobs in high sec will skyrocket and might turn off some new players from the game.” – Princess Nexxala, Gallente

“Since we’ve all done FW missions that have nuked our empire standings already, whats the point in removing the faction npcs? We’ll still be hunted by the regular navy because a lot of us are below -5 to the other two empire factions. Remove the navy hunting you in empire if your -10 regardless of being in FW or not being the soloution? Then RP dies, but it would probably do wonders for the tag prices as people are to afraid to do faction missions in general because they dont want their empire faction standings to drop.

If to travel empire freely with -10 empire faction standing is implemented, I would vote hell yes just so that in the future I can travel around empire and smell freedom.

Secondly, it wouldn’t do much difference I would imagine. The amount of FW people that don’t live in lowsec/close proximity to get pew is probably two categories:

1: The highsec bear that once in a blue managed to join FW while he still was a noobie he dosen’t know anything about what the militia channel really means or what his corp talks about. He will get ganked once more in high and then drop out when he petitions and finally figures out how to get out of the militia.

2: The missioning alt. The #”¤%” that devalue FW LP by putting an alt or two into militia and just use it to farm isk with, they are rarely seen when they are not on a farmrun. Usually an informed player so they’d take steps to not get caught in empire.

If we take a scenario with highsec being unsafe for us in the future, no navy shooting enemy wts etc. Well, it wouldnt do anything. We are self sufficent to deal with lowsec, just like any pirate corp. That means highsec holds no merit to the corp long as a trader keeps taking our shopping lists for things we want to buy and bringing it to us.

Lastly, it would in all likelyhood spread the already-thin-actualy-participating population of FW too sparse for the ones who now goes to look in highsec for targets. And lets face it, the ones staying in highsec most likely belong to the stray carebear section, they’ll just quit FW if they are not reasonably safe in highsec anymore. Leading us all back to the good old pipes =)” – Vim, Gallente

“Removing the npc’s in faction hi space is a bad idea….those npc’s give security to the pilots when they are in neeed to mke easy money and to prep for war; there is ways around the security but it requires skill to do so.

But ya, I can see a system where in the lower security system they have less faction npc’s so it is easy for the other faction to come in and fight and as the security goes higher, more npc’s will show up when you enter system.” – Matthius Alixion, Gallente

“I think it’s great to be honest, even though my sec status at the moment would stop me from taking part of any high sec raids, the idea that you can go into enemy highsec and go after mission hoarders and other pilots that use highsec as a safe haven is very atractive.” – Staryed, Gallente

2 Responses to “Gallente Opinion Poll: Removing Faction NPCs in Enemy Highsec?”

  1. Andre Vauban Says:

    This is a horrible idea. It will only bring high sec station games and neutral RR/boosters to the game. This will mean all FW players must have a strong neutral alt corp to do logistics. This will drive away the newer players and FW will rot on the vine with no new players to rise up through the ranks to fill the spots of the veterans that leave.

  2. Love the idea.

    FW is about PVP. Being able to be “safe” whilst doing it has seemed stupid to me, for a long time. Surely the major threat in going into “enemy space” should be the players, not a magical NPC force?

    Make this happen. Boost the rewards of being in FW and doing PVP, vs missions, and you may, just may, actually make a war out of faction war.

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