After Much Groveling…

On a recent thread at the EvE forums, CCP Konflikt has stated:

“No promises here…. but our team, Team Pink Zombie Kittens, is currently working on a CSM Request for Faction Warfare in this winter expansion, it’s still being worked on and there’s a chance we may not get to finish it this expansion but it will get done. I don’t want to say what it is yet, but i hope you guys will like it, when it hits sisi. it’s a small change that i hope will shake up the FW scene a little.

(I know this doesn’t really say too much, but I wanted you all to know it’s on our programmer’s screens atm.)”

Also, CSM Member Two step has also joined in the discussion by saying, “It looks like there will be some FW discussion at the upcoming CSM summit. We aren’t sure yet what that means, but you are not (totally) forgotten…”

Join in the discussion here.


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