Interview: Dian Lung, Caldari, Girl Gamer

What brought you to EvE?

When I started EVE, I was one of those magical new subscribers who saw ad banners that people talk about nowadays. I saw an advertisement for EVE on another website I happened to be on, thought; omg spaceships! and the rest is pretty well history.

What other games have you tried?

At one point or another, I’ve had my fill of a lot of different games, mostly RPGs of some kind (including MMOs) with the odd first-person or RTS title thrown in. The gaming interest that ultimately led me to EVE started a longer time ago than I care to think about, and involved the Star Wars flight simulator series published by Lucasarts.

Your employment history shows you’ve been playing EvE since 2007. How has EvE changed since your rookie days?

Where do I even start? T3 cruisers didn’t exist, or wormholes for that matter. Scrams didn’t stop MWDs. Webs slowed you down by 90%. 0.0 sovereignty was determined by POSes. We didn’t have a skill queue back then. (Shout-out to all the players who stayed up odd hours of the night to make sure you could start training another skill right when the last one ended!) CVA still held sovereignty in Providence. TCF had only JUST moved up north, and the station in TVN-FM was owned by the original Hydra. Guristas ships didn’t have drone bonuses. PLEX didn’t exist. I’m sure there are many, many more things I’m forgetting, too.

What is one thing you wish you would have done differently in regards to the game?

There were several periods early in my EVE career where I let my account run out and lost months upon months of training time. (This was before both PLEX and the training queue.) As a result, there are a whole host of skills that I keep kicking myself for not having trained yet. I wish I’d known how much I was going to regret it!

How long have you been in FW? Why did you choose to do FW?

I’ve been in FW for almost a year and a half. My introduction to the militia game was pretty well by accident; my fiance was out can-flipping and decided to engage a pilot who happened to be a Caldari pilot. My fiance ended up joining the same corp, SLA-Industries, and I followed shortly after.

Why did you choose Caldari over the other militias?

In the beginning, it was really a matter of happenstance; it just turned out that the militia I joined happened to be the Caldari supporters. Later, I ended up staying because it was where I knew people and felt the most comfortable.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Caldari militia from your perspective.

Funny you should ask that, since I wrote a blog post last night that was basically a giant vent session about the state of affairs in the Caldari militia. Hopefully my answer here will be more positive! For me, the best thing about my fellow squids is that despite the odd frustrating day, they’re a pretty chill bunch. It’s nice to be able to know that I can log in, wave in a chat channel and chill without being bothered by annoying levels of drama and emo-raging. Ironically, I think that can also be our biggest weakness; while it doesn’t happen often, some days there’s a noticeable feeling of apathy hanging in the air.

Would you try another militia?

Under the right circumstances, absolutely! I’m always interested to see how other areas of FW do things, and getting to know people in all corners of the conflict. I’ve had the pleasure of being in one gang run by one of your own FCs, Predator Elite, and after having spoken with some of my mortal enemies in the Gallente militia (I miss you Eelis!), I’ve often found myself being curious what it would be like to fight with them instead of against them. I can’t say I’ve had a whole lot of exposure to the Minmatar Militia, but I certainly wouldn’t rule it out!

What other things have you tried other than FW?

I’ve tried a little of a lot of things, sometimes with more emphasis on a little than a lot. I started off as a highsec miner and mission runner, had brief forays into null (CVA-era Providence and a brief period up north), spent about six months in wormholes, and since joining FW I’ve gradually come to the point of living in lowsec. My latest foray into parts previously unknown came in the form of spending a month with a pirate corp in Molden Heath, Gunpoint Diplomacy, and spending an increasing amount of time roaming with the likes of the Tuskers and Shadow Cartel.

What do you hope to see CCP change in FW?

There are so many things that I’d like to see changed in one way or another that I’m not really sure where to begin. I’m not entirely sure how much of what matters the most to me is CCP-driven and how much is player-driven, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what changes come to FW missions. As someone who’s both done a staggering amount of them and makes most of her ISK from the results (don’t get me started on the FW LP market lately), I’m very interested in seeing both what changes will come and how it’ll affect my income stream.

What are you currently training for and what do you like to fly the most? (both ships and kind of fleets)

My training lately has been a combination of catching up on support skills and skilling toward T2 large turrets, especially with the new battle cruisers coming in the winter expansion. I’ve heavily favoured nano shield gangs for close to a year now; I’m definitely a big fan of artillery-fit Hurricanes, have spent a great deal of time in the Lachesis (there’s nothing quite like snagging point on a target from a hundred kilometres away), and the Rapier is slowly becoming a reliable choice for me (not that I ever doubted it, I just don’t fly it much).

Do you FC?

I do, although not as frequently as others. I really enjoy the mental chess game that comes along with FCing; choosing tactics, anticipating enemy movements, seeing members of a fleet come together to create something more powerful than the sum of their individual ships. I’m still pretty new to the task, so it can be overwhelming sometimes, but I’m getting more comfortable with it and I’m looking forward to FCing in the future!

Any killmails you are particularly proud of?

As much as I hate to say it, I can’t say I really have a favourite killmail or killmails. I don’t know whether it’s been bad luck or some strange error on my part, but I’ve never gotten on one of the really juicy mails that gets people chattering in the militia channels; and the one time I almost made it happen, the bugger got away in 10% structure!

Which pilots do you most admire and why?

I admire any pilot who has the courage and determination to put a serious effort into improving their skills. I know EVE is a game and that it’s supposed to be fun, but I’m always impressed with people that are willing to look seriously at themselves, be honest about their faults and look for ways to get better at what they do. I try to do the same, with mixed results, and I respect the ones that are able to pull it off.

Your employment history shows you’ve been in several corps over the years. Which have you most enjoyed and why?

I wouldn’t say I’ve enjoyed specific corps so much as groups of people who may or may not be in the same corp, and who may or may not be in the same corp as I am. Ever since I’ve been in factional warfare, I’ve paid less attention to corp tags than to the names of the pilots wearing them, which has often lead to having a great time with pilots in corps that I’ve never been a part of. If I had to limit it to corps that I’ve personally been in, though, I could narrow it down to four: SLA-Industries, Pillow Fighters Inc, Wolfsbrigade, and Gunpoint Diplomacy.

What’s it like being a female in a male dominated game? Discuss some of your experiences.

My experiences as a girl in EVE have been pretty positive; everyone I’ve talked to in-game has been very relaxed and accepting. I’m extremely grateful that I’ve never had some of the problems that other girls have had in EVE: trolling or genuinely sexist corpmates/alliance-mates, inappropriate remarks, or the scarier stuff like outright stalking. I think the best experience I’ve had as a girl in EVE, though, has come from finding the community of Women Gamers of EVE; it’s a great place to share our stories about both EVE and being women in general, and escape from the testosterone poisoning that can plague other parts of the internet spaceships galaxy…

What advice would you give to females who are considering trying out EvE?

Boys will be boys! A lot of male players in EVE aren’t used to having girls in corp – I’ve run into quite a few where I’ve been the first girl they’ve ever played internet spaceships with. Don’t take the inevitable “there are no girls in eve” and “pix plz” too seriously, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you feel that something is inappropriate – sometimes people don’t realize how their words can be taken, and they only way they will learn is if someone tells them. Last but definitely not least, stop by the Women Gamers of EVE channel – we always love seeing new faces!

Any blog or forums you’d like to share?

I have a blog that I write in every so often – it’s not exactly a “topic” blog like Sovereignty Wars so much as whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time. If you’re interesting in having a look, come visit at . I’d love to hear from you!

FW System: Enaluri, even with all the noisy neighbours!
EvE Celebrity: Laedy. I know she and her corp got some bad press after the last Alliance Tournament, but Laedy is a total sweetheart, and I’ve always had a great time talking and flying with her.
EvE Related Website: I read a ton of EVE blogs, probably too many to list. DOTLAN Eve-Maps is another favourite of mine, and incredibly useful for planning roams.
Null Sec Alliance: I’m so unplugged from the 0.0 community that I don’t even know who’s out there anymore, so I can’t really say I have a favourite.
Wartarget To Shoot: Loren Gallen, full stop. He’s such a nice guy that I can’t help but like him, even as much as he’s killed me!
Corpse: Uh… can’t say I’ve ever really thought about that, I don’t make a habit of collecting corpses.
Space Station: Enaluri II – State Protectorate Logistic support, because all my stuff is there. 😛
Song To Fly To: Rev Theory, “Hell Yeah”
Way To Make ISK: Frequent, generous donations. Failing that, anything that isn’t mind-numbingly boring. I keep meaning to try incursions, but I’ve never quite managed to get around to it…
Ammo: Republic Fleet Warp Disruptors – when you fly the Lachesis, your point IS your ammo. Failing that, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma.
Pirate Corp: The Tuskers.


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  1. What a thing to see when I’m checking my Blogger dashboard just before dashing out the door to work! Huge thanks to Shalee for giving me the opportunity to ramble on at length, and I hope everyone enjoys the read!

  2. The more Eelis mentions, the more likely she is to put down that filthy Warhammer and leave those 16 year-old spotty youths and come back to a proper game – Eve.

    This blog post has been pointed out to her :o)

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