Random Links

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Rooks & King’s Clarion Call video here at the EveNews24 site.


Two writing contests can be found here, and here.  Prizes range from 400 mil to plex.  Worth looking into!


Monday I’ll be posting another faction-wide poll.  Usually I randomly mail 10 pilots from each faction.  This time I’ll still be sending out mails, though I will post the question here as well and if you’re interested in participating, please send your response to me in game to Shalee Lianne.  Do not leave it in the comments on this blog.  All FW pilots are welcomed to respond!

The question is:

On the EvE forums, allowing alliances to join Faction War is currently being discussed as a way to bring more players into FW.

Some think that alliances like CVA and Electus Matari already support FW and should be officially allowed to join so they wont have to suffer security stauts hits.

Others say that alliances who hold space in null sec should not be allowed in because they already have more resources than your typical FW pilot.

What is your opinion on allowing alliances to join FW?


Thanks for reading!

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