Open Invitation To Militias: Singularity Fleet Battles in Amamake This Weekend

Author: Nitro DSP

We are going to do a militia op on the test server Sunday and do a few fleet battles and have some random fun in free ships. The meet up will be Amamake, because CCP seeds the market there so everything is 100isk and has a lot of ships and all mods (no non-market items, navy cap boosters, or faction ammo seeded. limited faction ships). We will do battles in the area, with a few organized fleet battles, if the numbers are not equal we will move volunteers to different sides to even the odds so we can see what these new ships are like and what the new stat changes are like as well.

If you don’t have the test server it is’s easy to get; just go to the link  below and follow the directions. You do not need to re-download EvE. If you follow directions properly it takes less than an hour to set up and download the test server patch on a COPY OF EVE FILES in a different folder.

Take care of the install and test it out before the Op, and make sure you use a COPY OF EVE and not the EvE files you use for the main server.


Who: All pilots participating in Miliita Faction Warfare, and their alts (No alliance friends or batphones, ect!)
What: An organized combat op using a viarity of ships
Where: Amamake
When: Sunday November 28, 2011 21:00 eve time

All Minmatar, Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente are welcome. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!bird!is!the!word! ! ! ! !


One Response to “Open Invitation To Militias: Singularity Fleet Battles in Amamake This Weekend”

  1. what not inviting the pirates ? 😦

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