Who is hotter?



or Verra

3 Responses to “Who is hotter?”

  1. Vadeim Rizen Says:

    I mean clearly Verra is hotter. Reyna is like a shadow of her old self. Maybe 10 years, a pack of marlboro reds, and case of steel reserve ago Reyna would have been hotter…. but Verra takes the cake on this one!!

  2. Vordak Kallager Says:

    Reyna’s jaw looks deformed. vOv

  3. Reyna Skylar Says:

    It’s interesting to note that Vadeim takes my clones physical age into account. I wear this body and these scars like a badge of pride. Every one has a story. I have only been podded once in the last 3 years. I guess if you get podded like Verra and visit the fountain of youth every few months, it’s easy to stay young.

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