Random Links

CCP’s Hekatonkheires announces, “Later today, you’ll find something new in Account Management: a transferable 60 day trial game code.”

The new time codes rules are:

These codes are single use.
These codes are transferable.
They can be copied and sent via most any means, and are good for creating one 60 day EVE trial account.
All trial account restrictions are in place
These codes may not be used to extend any existing trial or buddy account, or to add game time to any previously existing EVE account.
New users can redeem their code in three easy steps:
o Visit https://secure.eveonline.com/Activation

o Enter the Code

o Enter account details

These codes must be redeemed and used by January 24th
Availability of regular 14 day and 21 day Buddy trials are unaffected by this promotion.

For more information, read the dev blog here.


Hwong Jian of the Caldari Militia has started an interesting thread on the economics of Faction War on the main EvE forums.

In it, he discusses his idea for fixing Faction War by “limiting the payout of missions to your participation in pvp-related objectives. Add a quick item into the game, a “missioning license” or something similar. Have it cost victory points.”

Read the full article here.


In a new chronicle released today, the character Gister says, “And speaking of alliances, I’ve heard that those ragtag things will now be allowed to join the empire wars en masse,” which leads many to believe it is foreshadowing the allowance of alliances into Factional Warfare.

Hans Jagerblitzen has started a thread about it on the EvE forums, it can be found here.


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