Interview: Nashh Kadavr, CEO of Kadavr Black Guard, Minmatar

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. 

To start with, tell us about the Kadavr Black Guard, [-KBG-] and what inspired you to create it?

To cut a very long story short, I needed a break from low sec after two years and setup a WH based corp just for myself, shooting sleepers in relative peace and quiet. That corp started to grow with the addition of some friends and inevitably the pull of combat was there after a few run-ins with invaders.

I didn’t want to be left out of a position of control and rejoin the Bastards so instead started the ‘Kadavr Black Guard’. Slowly but surely the black Guards started to grow and it still is, although a little slower than I anticipated.

Has [-KBG-] always been a part of the Minmatar Militia?

Yes, since it’s formation, the Black Guards have been in the militia. At this stage we are on a brief hiatus mainly related to a PVP holiday to null sec.

Why did you choose the Minmatar Militia over the others for [-KBG-] ?

The Minmatar militia resides in my most favoured area of lowsec and living next to a big clump of Ammarians would provide plenty of targets to shoot at. An associate of mine has been in the Caldari Militia a few years back but they are simply to disorganized and live in an area I don’t come often anymore.

What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Minmatar Militia currently?

The Minmatar militia unfortunately lacks trust in other corps and in newer players. Rightfully so in many cases due to spying and suchlike, however this leads to smaller gangs with too few willing FC’s to take on the much larger Amarr community.

There are some quality FC’s but when multiple of them are online often they refuse to organize themselves to form up a cohesive battle force for the greater good, instead choosing to remain on their own comms and flying in smaller, less effective gangs when the need arises to come together for the greater good.

What kind of rules and policies does [-KBG-] have?

Having fun is the main priority for sure, I guess second would be a certain level of respect for colleagues and enemies alike.

The less rules the better if you ask me, EVE is a relaxing time away from planet-side-life and it shouldn’t be too stressful. Of course we follow basic comms- and gang- disciplines when we form up but other than that we encourage members to go out and do stuff as they please.

Good killboard stats are nice but certainly isn’t a requirement to remain with the corp.

What are some of the more memorable battles [-KBG-] have been involved in?

I guess we had a fair few that are worth mentioning but I guess the smack related to killing Lord Servant’s faction fit Machariel was very good fun. (I did undock a carrier on him which was the reason for the smack)

Also recently we killed a faction fit Tengu from an anti-pirate corp that has now vowed their revenge and such like.

I guess it’s not always the fight that makes the excitement; sometimes it’s just the chase that gets the blood flowing. Winning or losing can still produce the same levels of endorphins that we all look for by doing PVP.

What kind of pilots do you look for? 

We have accepted many new PVPers and will still consider the ‘right’ noob to join our ranks but ideally we would only collect those with experience in low-sec PVP.

What are the requirements for joining [-KBG-]?

We have a ranking system not only indicating the level of participation and skills of each member but it also incorporates a trial period of 30 days. In those thirty days a new member (cannon-fodder) has to produce 20 kills of which 2 solo. Once that standard has been reached they become a full member of the corp.

The minimum skill-points required at this stage is 5 million sp but we can make exceptions for those gifted few.

A final requirement is that you don’t bring baggage in any form, if you are that miserable bitter-vet with a list of moans and groans, we are not for you.

What are some other corps that you most admire, and why?

I guess I would have to say the Bastards as they still have some of the best guys in EVE. Flash their CEO is the best CEO I have had in-game and I can only aspire to make my corp as great as the legacy he is building. Other than that they have a few members that contribute to the EVE community as a whole like TheHermit for example with his many apps and add-ons custom made to make EVE a better place.

What are you most proud of for your corp?

The core group I have managed to gather around me. Building a corp in EVE is not to dissimilar as running a business in real life and in my opinion it all revolves around people.

Getting the right people onboard is essential to generate a lasting concept and will help the the corp to be stronger in the long run.

I currently have two directors, one UK based (Anabaric) and one US based (Acute), both are very different and bring something very different to the table but both are loyal and dedicated to the project we have going here. Without those guys it would have been a lot harder if not impossible.

I run a second corp and again I have key people at the helm there, Beaute and Dragon. Without those guys I wouldn’t have enough time to do what I do and would likely have to disband one of the corps for the sake of saving the other.

What is the hardest part of being a CEO? Also, what is the most gratifying?

Ha! Well in the same breath as saying that people are the key to success they are also the bane of any bosses life. An old friend of mine once said without staff and customers I have the best job in the world, a very true statement.

With so many different personalities and cultures swirling around in our Universe you are guaranteed to run into troubles along the way. People disagree and fall out, people go that you don’t want to go and so on.

It is important to stay positive in those situations and move on as intended. As much as possible I run the corp democratically, every director gets an equal vote into the direction we go or mayor decisions we take. Without a majority vote we do not make any changes that may rock the boat.

Does your corp have a public channel? If so, what’s the name of it?

We do now yes; its ‘Kadavr Public’, feel free to join and say hi or ask questions or if you must; shout at us.

Where do you get the inspiration for your blog stories from?

Tough question. I started the blog in August 2009 after having read stories from my blogging hero’s way before that, Kirith, Flashfresh, Mynxee, Shae, Venom, Roc, Kane to name just a few.

I tried my hand at writing a fictive story on my joining the Bastards even before I actually had been accepted, that and the CDM series made the blog fairly popular straight from the beginning.

Sometimes my wife reads my fictive blog posts and wonders if I am actually sane, I cant blame her. Some of the content is pretty far out there but I guess I just have a vivid imagination and I like writing funny enough…

You mention in your blog that you run multiple corps. What others do you run and how do they differ from [-KBG-]?

Indeed the first corp I started is Kadavr Conglomorate; a WH based corp. It differs indeed in the sense that its primary purpose is PVE not PVP. It’s the corp some where our alts and others make isk, isk to be spend on PVP in the Kadavr Black Guard.

There is a third Corp; Kadavr Militia, which is a corp specifically used to run Minmatar Faction Warfare missions. No matter what –KBG- ends up doing, that corp will remain in FW for ever.

What is the Celebrity Death Match (CDM)?

CDM I a series that really was (is?) the bread and butter of my blog, CDM posts still are by far the most read articles when I post one.

Very simply as the name may suggest CDM is me fighting an EVE celebrity and writing about the experience, the preparation, the celeb and the fight itself.

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to do any lately as the running of three corps takes up a lot of my time. CDM is not dead however and a big one is in the pipeline.

Just keep reading my blog…

What is your most memorable Celebrity Death Match? 

Tough question, through CDM I have met lots of very interesting people and have had lots of fun with even ‘lesser’ celebs. To be very honest, most CDM’s have been fun in the preparation, trying to work out what the opponent is going to bring, what fittings the will use, their tactics… sometimes just getting to the fight location is an adventure in itself.

I guess going by those standards I would have to say CDM 16 was the most EPiC in preparations I think i traveled 190 jumps to the fight location, lost my ship with all fittings (faction) in the process and then with help from many people I finally managed to get there, losing the fight within minutes of starting. CDM 16 was played with Mynxee and myself vs Split Infinity Radio, the ship types where faction cruisers and an amazing video has been produced and narrated by Teadaze of Alliance Tournament fame.

It’s amazing to think how many people came together for that one fight to make it happen and to produce everything related to it.

Here is a link to the video, here and here are the links for the two parts of the write up.

Thinking about it, its indeed weird I would mention this particular CDM as most memorable because the preparations took weeks of planning, 6 hours of getting there, then the fight lasted just mere minutes for me.

Who would you like to do a Celebrity Death Match with?

Ha! lol the list is pretty long but the next one will be with my good friend Lady Shaniqua, terror of Heimatar. In the future if I get the time for it I intend to cross more names off my list. One of the ones near the top is CCP Claw whom had once expressed interest in participating. We’ll see, with your building fame I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a convo one day asking if you know what CDM is….

Lastly, what is the links to your blog, kill boards, and any other thing you’d like to share.

My blog;  Our alliance killboard; Our websiteYoutube channel, and email my is:

Thanks for doing the interview! Any parting thoughts?

No thank you for the interview, thanks for the opportunity to plug my blog and my corp.

We are still recruiting and due to technical difficulties on my side the best people to speak to at this stage are Anabaric or Acute Dragonis, I will personally be available on my return.

Fly safe (or not)

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