Faction War Mentions

From the recently released patch notes, here,


  • Added factional warfare systems to the SDE with warCombatZones and warCombatZoneSystems.

Also, Faction Warfare got a small mention from CCP Soundwave on the Mintchiplol’s interview with him, which can be found here.

In other news.  Huola was taken by the Minmatar Militia recently.  I wouldn’t even mention this because I feel that plexing is somewhat pointless with the new mechanics, that systems can now be taken in the matter of hours instead of weeks that it used to take us.

However, I wanted to open up a dialogue about plexing.  What do you think about it?  Do you participate in it?  What are your reasons for doing so?  Comment!

And while you’re here, participate in this poll:

6 Responses to “Faction War Mentions”

  1. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    What!!! How did Huola get taken by dirty Minnie’s?

  2. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Btw i don’t know why u think it only takes hours. But I’d like to see u take Huola back in a matter of hours

  3. Jhaelee de'Auvrie Says:

    The pole could use another option of “Did in the past”

  4. Jhaelee de Auvrie Says:

    The pole could use another option of “Did before”. A number of us have stopped until the plex NPCs are actually balanced and/or some actual fixes are made. While it is great that CCP tried something, this has not been an improvement.

    It is hard to imagine that even the Minmatar that plex are overly happy with such a hollow victory. Where before gains and losses were made based upon the skill of those involved or the dedication of the really hardcore plexers (sasawong being the top of that list). Now the dispair of balance between the race’s plexse means more and it is less about skill/dedication and more just about having alts.

  5. Huola was always going to be nigh impossible to hang onto, although I think there will be a push to take it again…

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